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35% of 63

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
80% of 10
Undefined With the migration to 1.4 and trusty, the core apps workflow for testing and merging into the core images still has some pain points that need addressing. The core apps tests in many cases don't realibly run in a testing enviorment. There are several bad implications from this: -Merge request by developers fail because a test randomly fails for code they didn't change -Stable images can't be produced or are produced with failing tests -True bugs that the tests find are hard to seperate from the noise (is this a random failure, or a bug?) -Once a bug is found, the cause of the bug is hard to diagnose (platform/sdk introduced, core apps code change, autopilot, ci infastructure, etc) Let's talk about getting the core apps tests green and running reliably. In addition, let's talk about workflow changes to revert code when the tests break in order to keep the app in good shape.
44% of 9
Undefined Let's review each of the core apps and there current status in regards to tests. Are more tests needed? Do we have 100% feature coverage? Are new tests being added as features are added? Do the tests run and pass reliably?
50% of 6
Undefined The Startup Disk Creator (SDC) in it's current form has a suboptimal work flow, displays to many unimportant information to the user and requires to many steps to actually create a startup USB stick. The SDC is kind of a semi public face of Ubuntu and an important tool to spread it, therefore it should be as strait forward and simple to use as possible. This proposal is about redesigning the SDC, with a strong focus on Ubuntu and simplicity. In the end all the user should have to do is to insert a USB drive, select an image – if there is none it should be downloadable easily – and press start. Details (mock-ups) can be found on the wiki page.
0% of 5
Undefined For the 14.04 cycle we want to encourage as much exploratory testing as possible. On the phone, tablet and desktop -- everywhere. Let's discuss ideas, plans, needs, etc to ensure this happens. Review current efforts:
60% of 5
Undefined Let's talk about autopilot 1.5, and plans for autopilot during trusty. AGENDA: overview of tool show off new 1.4 features spreading autopilot love to others (how can we increase useage?) autopilot feature requests q and a
100% of 2
Undefined Calls for testing in the past have revolved around coordinating with the QA community coordinator, development teams, and requiring some admin work on the qatracker, as well as announcing the test and collecting result data. Let's make this a more open process to allow community run calls for testing. For example, if you have a specific application / feature you enjoy or you know often regresses, schedule a call for testing and have it added to the calendar for other community members to join in and test with you. When the day arrives, each member can go through the tests and add there results. The end result will be new bugs filed (if any) / triaged and will help ensure the best success towards having a working application / feature for trusty. IDEA: publish community call for testing calendar provide easy process with simple checklist for members to follow in order to schedule a 'call for testing' use the open milestone on the qatracker; 'calls for testing' should have some form of instruction for tests
17% of 6
Undefined Historically the quality team and the bugsquad have been seperate. I have proposed that we end that seperation and merge the quality community and bugsquad teams. Let's talk about how we can implement this, the new roles, and plans for both the quality and bugsquad combined teams moving forward. AGENDA: merger issues -wiki -documentation -skills -launchpad team(s) Events for trusty -bug hugs -papercuts project -calls for testing
8% of 12
Undefined Our goal for this cycle is to have daily images tested with the ubiquity autopilot test suite for all desktop manual test entries for each flavor. Let's talk about the current progress and what needs finished. Can we blocked merges to proposed based on test results? Current tests: - Push server automated tests to qatracker - Migrate manual tests to 'optional' once automated by ubiquity testing - Explore ideas for submitting 'generic' manual test results (ie smoketests) to tracker to be counted - Create Long term plan for manual testcases that are no longer needed -- how to maintain or not?
0% of 4
Undefined Let's talk plans and needs for the one hundred papercuts project ( for the trusty cycle
0% of 4
Undefined 14.04 will be an LTS release. Let's talk about how we can make trusty as successful as possible. AGENDA: -- Redefining workflows As the QA community has grown and changed to expand and take on new roles, it's time to define a more concrete workflow for each of the roles. See Ideas: - Outline role definitions and guidelines for each - Create a workflow for each role - Document workflows and roles on - Communicate oppurtunities and encourage members to adopt a role - Investigate ideas for buddy and mentorship systems, encouraging interested folks to seek out more senior members of community - Continue classroom series and expand there technical content? - Host hackfests aimed at teaching beginneers in each of the role basic skills for development? -bug reporting contest for exploratory testing?

Status by assignee

Assignee Todo Blocked In Progress Postponed Done Completion
amjjawad 0 0 0 0 1 100%
bryanquigley 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Chris Gagnon 1 0 0 0 0 0%
Chad Miller 1 0 0 0 0 0%
dpniel 1 0 1 0 1 33%
Leo Arias 2 0 0 0 1 33%
es20490446e 1 0 0 0 0 0%
Francis Ginther 1 0 0 0 1 50%
Jean-Baptiste Lallement 3 0 1 0 0 0%
Pasi Lallinaho 0 0 0 0 1 100%
nik90 1 0 0 0 0 0%
nobody 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Nicholas Skaggs 18 0 2 0 12 38%
Max Brustkern 1 0 0 0 0 0%
Martin Pitt 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Alan Pope ㋛ 1 0 0 0 0 0%
thibaut 1 0 0 0 0 0%
Thomi Richards 2 0 0 0 0 0%
ubuntu-qa 3 0 0 0 0 0%
vthompson 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Dimitri John Ledkov 0 0 0 0 1 100%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
amjjawad done community-1311-quality-calls-for-testing Undefined mockup wiki-page for testing calls
bryanquigley done community-1311-ubuntu-usb-startup-creator Undefined ask upstream unetbootin about supporting efforts for goals in startup disk creator
Chris Gagnon todo community-1311-coreapps-testing Undefined fix sudokutouch; toolbar issues, et la
Chad Miller todo community-1311-quality-papercuts Undefined Ruthlessly go through 100PC bugs on LP and remove ones that are stale or not easy
dpniel todo community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined plan what's required to reach target for alpha 2 and add to the wiki page for others to get involved with.
inprogress community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined make sure doc/video/tutorial is added so folks can contribute new ubiquity tests successfully
done community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined finish working tests
Leo Arias todo appdev-1311-core-apps-test-review Undefined make sure the SDK emulators work in python 2 and python 3.
community-1311-quality-community-exploratory-testing Undefined make a summary of the exploratory testing chapter on the Agile Testing book.
done appdev-1311-core-apps-test-review Undefined get the weather app to 100% green.
es20490446e todo community-1311-quality-papercuts Undefined Find the target audiences, and list them here, so we can communicate the project to them when the momment had arrived:
Francis Ginther todo community-1311-quality-autopilot-roundtable Undefined Get a CI run with all the autopilot test suites with python3 to be able to compare results with the current way of running and be able to compare results
done community-1311-quality-autopilot-roundtable Undefined Need the ability to select autopilot test runner based on the -autopilot package's Depends: (python3 or not)
Jean-Baptiste Lallement todo community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined Integrate publication of results from jenkins jobs with ISO Tracker
community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined Add support for reboot after installation and run post-installation tests
community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined Add support to the runner for multi disks and pre-installed disks
inprogress community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined After the review period, hand over project to Ubuntu CI team
Pasi Lallinaho done community-1311-quality-bugsquad Undefined Help update the QA team logos to fit the Ubuntu Brand Guidelines
nik90 todo community-1311-coreapps-testing Undefined clock, refactor to only use local sources
nobody postponed community-1311-ubuntu-usb-startup-creator Undefined unetbootin to main
Nicholas Skaggs todo appdev-1311-core-apps-test-review Undefined Fill in feature tables with current test coverage
community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined Review results of automated tests and ensure they are stable no false positive and no false negative and fix or drop flaky tests Plan to do this review on or around 13 Dec in time for alpha 1.
community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined Coordinate with CI team on best practicies for migrating new tests as we write them
community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined add tests timeline to the ubiquity wiki page
community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined add bugs for needed tests, filed against ubiquity, tag with needs-autopilot-test
community-1311-quality-autopilot-roundtable Undefined full widget tree property search in vis (pitti interested, but low-prio)
community-1311-quality-bugsquad Undefined create list of "experts" willing to mentor new folks
community-1311-quality-bugsquad Undefined Merge the bugsquad mailing list to -quality
community-1311-quality-bugsquad Undefined make sure tutorial videos happen for bug triage role also
community-1311-quality-community-exploratory-testing Undefined communicate wiki pages, definitions, goals, etc
community-1311-quality-community-exploratory-testing Undefined include methodology on wiki pages
community-1311-quality-community-exploratory-testing Undefined make a video
community-1311-quality-community-exploratory-testing Undefined mockup how it could work on the tracker and share
community-1311-quality-defining-workflows Undefined Document workflows and roles on
community-1311-quality-defining-workflows Undefined expand video content -- pref simple, categorized would be helpful. just more! Go slow :-) subtitles help (english). knome can help do effects/intro parts
community-1311-quality-defining-workflows Undefined continue exploratory testing conversation
community-1311-quality-papercuts Undefined Revamp bug fixing / workflow documentation on the wiki
community-1311-quality-papercuts Undefined <linuxtech> Investigate a how-can-i-help-ubuntu package based on Debian's how-can-i-help package and propose to mailing list
inprogress community-1311-quality-autopilot-image-testing Undefined Coordinate with cjwatson and plars to integrate this testing with image publication from pending -> current
community-1311-ubuntu-usb-startup-creator Undefined coordinate followup from unetbootin and sdc from bryan and max
done community-1311-coreapps-testing Undefined weather app, 2 tests need to be re-enabled and tested (swipe to delete nskaggs)
community-1311-coreapps-testing Undefined add bug for weather app, test to swipe for different hours in the day
community-1311-coreapps-testing Undefined filemanager, refactor to use new folder
community-1311-coreapps-testing Undefined msuic, remove shuffle test
community-1311-coreapps-testing Undefined music app has lots of new tests to be written
community-1311-coreapps-testing Undefined calendar, compare victor's mp, merge victor's mp, and potentially merge mine as well
community-1311-coreapps-testing Undefined open bug to add sudokutouch and stock-ticker to the daily image testing,
community-1311-ubuntu-usb-startup-creator Undefined inform nio about plans
community-1311-quality-calls-for-testing Undefined announce initative to everyone (ml, blog, etc)
appdev-1311-core-apps-test-review Undefined add work items for above failures ^^!
appdev-1311-core-apps-test-review Undefined Run test suite for <expand for all coreapp> using python 3, file bugs for any errors that are different from python 2
appdev-1311-core-apps-test-review Undefined Make sure all core apps have MP test passing enforced before landing in trunk
Max Brustkern todo community-1311-ubuntu-usb-startup-creator Undefined checkout sdc; how much work to fix it?
Martin Pitt done community-1311-quality-autopilot-roundtable Undefined Investigate what needs to happen before we can simulate rotation changes (simulated sensor backend landed in platform-api)
Alan Pope ㋛ todo appdev-1311-core-apps-test-review Undefined Add table to wiki page for <expand for all coreapp> listing features, implementation status and test coverage
thibaut todo community-1311-ubuntu-usb-startup-creator Undefined design work
Thomi Richards todo appdev-1311-core-apps-test-review Undefined Investigate how to record failure modes across test cases, report on blueprint, and hand over to relevant parties
appdev-1311-core-apps-test-review Undefined Find out how to mock out the google RSS service with a fake. Give feedback to devs
ubuntu-qa todo community-1311-quality-bugsquad Undefined Review bugsquad wiki pages
community-1311-quality-bugsquad Undefined Add QA team header to bugsquad pages, incorporate bugsquad wiki links to header
community-1311-quality-defining-workflows Undefined seek out volunteers for informal mentorship roles
vthompson done community-1311-coreapps-testing Undefined music, look into shuffle test issues and fix
Dimitri John Ledkov done community-1311-quality-autopilot-roundtable Undefined Modify phablet-test-run to support python3-autopilot (sans pending landing)

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