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84% of 386

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
100% of 17
High [GOAL] Include MongoDB in Ubuntu main for 13.10 [RATIONALE] MongoDB is becoming a popular core technology for Ubuntu Server, both in its own right as a scalable, nosql database to support massive data storage, and as a supporting technology for two other key projects; OpenStack Ceilometer and Juju. Both Ceilometer and Juju will most likely be included in Ubuntu main for Saucy so I'm proposing that we review MongoDB with the intent of including it in Ubuntu main as well, where it will receive the full attention of the Ubuntu Security Team for security updates and have increased focus from the Ubuntu Server Team for important bug fixes etc... For Saucy, this would mean supporting the shipped release of MongoDB (probably 2.4.x) for 9 months; this gets more challenging for 14.04 where the support lifetime of the release is 5 years (with at least two years of aggressive security and functional bug fixes to get people to 16.04). We should apply for a minor release exception from the technical board so we can ship point releases from upstream during the lifetime of 13.10 and 14.04. We should also look at improving the support for non-x86 architectures; specifically armhf which will be important for Ubuntu Server in hyperscale ARM server deployments. This work would be upstreamed where possible. I'd also like to see if we can work with 10gen on the MongoDB license to allow us to enable SSL support in MongoDB upstream in Debian (and in other distros). This will allow us to decrease the packaging delta between Ubuntu and Debian.
94% of 16
Undefined [GOAL] Define the development work to improve cloud-init and cloud images for the saucy cycle. [RATIONALE] It is imperative we gather feedback from cloud-init and Ubuntu Cloud image users in order best serve the Ubuntu cloud community, and continuing growing the utility of the tool and images.
97% of 29
Undefined [GOAL] Regular, well QA'ed releases of Juju Core into Ubuntu Saucy, frequent backports. [RATIONALE] Juju Core is the way forward for Juju users; we need to ensure that we are dropping new point releases into Ubuntu Saucy (and other distribution methods such as PPA/Backports) so that point releases get increased exposure, avoiding a single final late drop revision into the release.
76% of 25
High [GOAL] Move to Galera based sync replication for MySQL Improve Quantum HA Mutlihost network HA for havana Alternative messaging options (ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ Active/Active). [RATIONALE] HA v1 delivered a base level of availability for OpenStack deployed using Juju; by leveraging new features and technologies during the Saucy dev cycle we can improve the overall avaliability of an OpenStack cloud by using active/active solutions in both the database and messaging tiers. This also means that we would no longer be dependent on ceph for shared block storage for mysql and rabbitmq for deployments where alternative block storage (maybe provisioned from a SAN) is in use.
100% of 35
High [GOAL] Ensure Ceph remains well supported on Ubuntu 13.10 and in the Cloud Archive for 12.04. [RATIONALE] Ceph is an important part of the OpenStack offering on Ubuntu; we should continue to track the latest stable release from upstream (Dumpling).
100% of 6
Undefined [GOAL] Promote Nginx and Varnish to main [RATIONALE] There are some newer technologies floating around that we may want to consider adding to the supported seed. These include: * Nginx - Has become de-facto scalable web server, and grown up as an OSS project now * Varnish Having these packages in the Ubuntu Main/Supported archive will help with Charm development around these technologies.
73% of 11
High we now have a reasonable data format and data for cloud images and a tool kit for querying them. For 13.10, the thing we need to do is make other tools use simplestreams and better make people aware of it.
65% of 20
High [GOAL] * Package builds * Integration testing * Stress Testing * Upgrade testing * Topology testing [RATIONALE] Ubuntu is the preferred platform for OpenStack - we should do everything possible to keep it that way.
100% of 3
Undefined A discussion with interlocking teams that help to underpin core features of Ubuntu Server, such as Kernel, Foundations and Security.
93% of 40
Undefined [GOAL] Ensure that Openstack remains well support for Ubuntu 13.10 and for 12.04 via the Cloud Archive. [RATIONALE] Openstack has been in Ubuntu for 5 releases now and is established and stable. Havana is the next release of Openstack and Ubuntu should have this release as well.
88% of 8
Medium [GOAL] Process documented on how Charm Developers can utilize CharmHelper (version 2) in their Charm Development. [RATIONALE] We've learned a lot since the creation of charm helper. Debian packagers took 7 iterations before boiling all of debhelper's goodness into a declarative system. We can learn from them, and get there in our second iteration.
100% of 18
Undefined [GOAL] Ensure that Ubuntu is visible in netcraft surveys by adding Ubuntu to the server banner. [RATIONALE] When looking at Ubuntu Server, some services such as ssh say "Debian" rather than "Ubuntu". Make a base list of servers that we care about and when someone uses netcat, the user gets a proper information.
100% of 3
Medium [GOAL] Complete past work items. Develop new work items based off feedback. Have future user feedback polls state contributing to Charms was straightforward and pleasant. [RATIONALE] We need to make it easy for new contributors to learn about Juju, understand Juju, get set up with Juju, and contribute to Juju charms. This is imperative to maintaining and growing the Juju community. Ultimately we need to make it easy for people to consume Juju technologies.
60% of 5
Essential [GOAL]  -Test a charm on promotion to charm store.  -Gate Charm commits on charm testing success.  -Provide a mechanism for users to test their charms.  -Make charm tests faster to run  -Make charm tests faster to develop  -Make charm tests more robust -Make charm tests results reliable [RATIONALE] We have very few charms with automated tests. Developing charm tests is slow because running them is slow, especially in repetition, while you are developing. Test results are also often flaky. What can we do to make this faster and more reliable, both in Juju core and in the ecosystem tools? Communicating the current health of a charm in a given provider is essential to Juju users deploying Charmed services into a cloud. Developers should also be made aware if their particular charm is failing due to a recent commit, change(s) by cloud vendor, or promotion to new Ubuntu release. There is a need to provide a process and mechanism to validate the quality of a charm in both unit testing, and workload testing. This Blueprint is to plan work relating to ad-hoc charm testing, automated charm testing, and continuous integration testing.
90% of 31
High [GOAL] General improvements to OpenStack Charms; specifically: 1) Rationalize charms to all be python based 2) Unit testing 3) Consolidate openstack-charm-helpers (see also charmsupport from Canonical IS) 4) Automated testing of proposed changes (including regression testing back to essex) [RATIONALE] The current shell based charms are becoming hard to support; we have todo all work twice for reusable bits (sh and python). Work is being duplicated across several groups of charmers.
89% of 55
High [RATIONALE] It is the goal of Ubuntu server to be the best platform for both cloud guests and cloud hosts. As we are in the last cycle before an LTS, we wish to ensure that we "push the envelope" with new features which we want to see stabilized before LTS. [GOAL] To ensure we can provide the necessary cgroup flexibility To push the core support needed to enable secure and nested containers and unprivileged creation and start of containers. To ensure that ubuntu server supports openstack, vmaas, and juju, serves as an ideal guest for kvm, lxc and xen.
14% of 28
High [GOAL] Update to have dynamic (HTML5) content directly mapping to Juju user journeys. [RATIONALE] A core essential piece of growing the Juju community is having engaging docs that allow different types of users to easily find the documentation they need. Furthermore, using the docs should be a positive experience that Juju users enjoy coming back to reference and learn. The docs should be correct, current, and engaging.
95% of 20
High [GOAL] Improve processes and tooling around the Cloud Archive to deliver an improved end-user experience. [RATIONALE] The Ubuntu Cloud Archive is the preferred installation route for OpenStack on Ubuntu (it says so in the upstream docs!). We need to ensure that this continues to be an excellent experience for end users of the UCA.
69% of 16
Undefined [GOAL] Make sure that common hypervisors (KVM/QEMU, Xen(XCP/libvirt-xen/Xenserver), LXC, Vmware, RHEV) work well with Openstack on Ubuntu. [RATIONALE] Users would like to use something other than QEMU/KVM for their openstack deoployments.

Status by assignee

Assignee Todo Blocked In Progress Postponed Done Completion
Antonio Rosales 2 0 0 0 1 33%
Adam Conrad 1 0 0 0 0 0%
Andres Rodriguez 2 1 0 4 15 86%
Dave Cheney 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Dave Walker 0 0 0 3 1 100%
evilnick 15 0 0 0 3 17%
Adam Gandelman 2 1 1 8 20 88%
gz 0 0 0 1 1 100%
Kapil Thangavelu 0 0 0 0 1 100%
James Page 2 0 2 25 59 95%
jamespage 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Jorge O. Castro 4 0 0 0 3 43%
marcoceppi 3 0 2 1 9 67%
Mark Mims 1 0 0 0 0 0%
nobody 0 0 0 6 0 100%
Robie Basak 0 0 0 3 1 100%
Serge Hallyn 0 2 0 9 29 95%
Stefan Bader 0 0 0 0 10 100%
Scott Moser 2 0 0 6 8 88%
techboard 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Ben Howard 1 1 0 7 7 88%
wedgwood 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Yolanda Robla 0 0 0 7 12 100%
Chuck Short 16 0 2 19 40 77%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
Antonio Rosales todo servercloud-s-juju-docs High Get a beta site going for Juju docs.
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Get a permanent staging site for the docs
done servercloud-s-ceph High status.u.c test work item
Adam Conrad todo servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined LP: #888665: Backports can't build-depend on other backports
Andres Rodriguez todo servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Update OpenStack charms for more indepth HAProxy checks (2)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Add support to hacluster charm to support Corosync 2.0 options(2)
blocked servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Update charms/create new charm for MariaDB
done servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Python3 support for python-simplejson
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High glance python rewrite
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Investigate upgrade path for Corosync 2.0 based clusters
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Update cluster stack in saucy for Pacemaker + Corosync 2.0
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High MIR for libstatgrab
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High MIR for libqb
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High MIR for crmsh
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High drop ocfs2-tools-pacemaker and ocfs2-tools-cman
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High update gfs2-utils
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High package dlm
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High MIR for dlm
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Update all package to not depend on any redhat-cluster related packages
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Remove redhat-cluster
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Investigate upgrade paths from Corosync 1.x to Corosync 2.0
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Investigate alternative clustering solutions to pacemaker/corosync/CMAN
postponed servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Investigation zeromq support in havana
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Update OpenStack charms for ZeroMQ
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High dep8 tests for pacemaker, corosync, crmsh(2)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Review cluster stack for inclusion in the Cloud Archive for Havana
Dave Cheney postponed servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined verify that Juju works with gccgo
Dave Walker done servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Follow up on backports build being fixed for juju-core
postponed servercloud-s-interlock Undefined setup meeting between server, security and kernel to discuss support for the cloud archive
servercloud-s-interlock Undefined investigate server kernel config tweaks / ask canonical IS
servercloud-s-interlock Undefined investigate subset kernel module '-server', without bluetooth/audio
evilnick todo servercloud-s-juju-docs High Document local povider
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Document debug-hooks
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Document deploy --to
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Document --constraints
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Document Charm Helpers
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Document Charm Tools
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Document Amulet
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Review drafts from previous docs
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Bring in content from juju-core/doc
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Embed searching into the docs
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Stack Tack integration
servercloud-s-juju-docs High UX feedback on docs
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Improve contributing to the docs including local setup
servercloud-s-juju-docs High More examples from flagbearer charms
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Document juju for private clouds
done servercloud-s-juju-docs High Define structural elements of HTML5 doc
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Create sample "getting Started Guide"
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Create video/webinar strategy
Adam Gandelman todo servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Hookup with internal Canonical dev team and external dev on RabbitMQ HA
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Upgrade testing of OpenStack using charm upgrades
blocked servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Update OpenStack charms for Active/Active RMQ (
inprogress servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Document how to run point release update preparation verification testing against proposed updates
done servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Merge darwin to lp:juju-deployer
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High cinder python rewrite
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High swift-storage python rewrite
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High nova-compute python rewrite
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High nova-cloud-controller python rewrite
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Integrate current openstack-charm-helpers into lp:charm-helpers
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Automate basic smoke test of proposed charm change
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Merge back all Grizzly charm work to charm store ASAP
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Drop nova-cloud-controller quantum network configuration
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Update wiki with simple juju-deployer bundle (.25)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High subordinate -> templated-based principle config refactoring (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Design + implement subordinate approach to principle charm configuration (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Add support for automatic network interface configuration to charms (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Update swift-proxy charm to use new charmhelpers (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Avaliability zone configuration for nova-compute and cinder (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Check on status of heartbeating in AMQP for RabbitMQ HA
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High CA pipeline reporting for updates
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Document backports tool in openstack-ubuntu-testing
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Investigate automated changelog creation as part of per-commit testing
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Setup DEP-8 testing for openstack packages on serverstack
postponed servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Write a really good network charmhelper (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Implement relation scrubbing for all multi-unit services (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High keystone public endpoint SSL (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Update keystone charm to use new charmhelpers (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Implement support for openstack reference network architectures in charms (2)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Rewrite the Neutron charm integration ala Cinder style (2)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Implement targetted test for HA aspects of charms (~)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Design for openstack reference network architectures for charms (~)
gz done servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Move to a source based juju-core release process
postponed servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Backport Juju .7 into 12.04 and 12.10 to co-exist with juju 1.11+
Kapil Thangavelu done servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined juju-deployer options for --to and --to <container>
James Page todo servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Submit ceilometer charms to the charm-store (.5)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Update swift-proxy to support ceilometer (1)
inprogress servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Redux ceilometer and ceilometer-agent charms for new charmhelpers (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Charm Percona (Galera / xtrabackup)
done servercloud-s-ceph High Enable google-perftools on armhf
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload cuttlefish (0.61.2) to saucy
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload cuttlefish to the havana cloud archive
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload cuttlefish (0.61.3) to saucy
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload cuttlefish (0.61.3) to the havana cloud archive
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload cuttlefish (0.61.4) to saucy
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload cuttlefish (0.61.4) to the havana cloud archive
servercloud-s-ceph High Bobtail 0.56.6 point release to raring
servercloud-s-ceph High Bobtail 0.56.6 point release to grizzly cloud archive
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload dumpling - 2 weeks to ceph-edgers PPA
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload 0.67~rc3 to saucy
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload dumpling to saucy
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload dumpling to the havana cloud archive
servercloud-s-ceph High Write dep8 tests for ceph
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload 0.67.1 to saucy
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload 0.67.1 to the havana cloud archive
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload 0.67.2 to saucy
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload 0.67.2 to the havana cloud archive
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload ceph-deploy 1.2.1 to saucy
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload ceph-deploy 1.2.2 to saucy
servercloud-s-ceph High ceph-deploy packaging
servercloud-s-ceph High Upload ceph-deploy 1.2.3 to saucy
servercloud-s-ceph High Update ceph charms to support use with LXC
servercloud-s-ceph High Update ceph charms to support use with 0.67.x
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Get golang 1.1.1 into the archive
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Upload juju-core 1.11.2 point release
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Setup golang backports PPA
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Upload juju-core 1.11.3 point release
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Upload juju-core 1.11.4 point release
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Upload juju-core 1.12.0 release
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Upload juju-core 1.13.1 release
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Merge golang 1.1.2 from Debian
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Upload juju-core 1.13.2 release
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Re-introduce juju 0.7 to saucy
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Write DEP-8 tests for juju-core packages
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Backport juju-deployer + deps to stable PPA
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Upload juju-core 1.14.0 stable release
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Upload juju-core final release
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Enable ARM support
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Setup juju-core stable backports PPA
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Add mongodb to stable backports PPA
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Setup devel PPA for juju-core
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High openstack-dashboard python rewrite
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High quantum-gateway python redux
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Add support for neutron rename/havana upgrades to quantum-gateway (0.5)
servercloud-s-mongodb High Update to latest stable MongoDB release
servercloud-s-mongodb High DEP-8 tests for MongoDB
servercloud-s-mongodb High Resync packaging with Debian
servercloud-s-mongodb High Include mongodb in the cloud-tools and havana pockets of the cloud-archive (0.5)
servercloud-s-mongodb High Resolve OpenSSL licensing issues with upstream
servercloud-s-openstack-charms-ha-v2 High Update Neutron charms for improved HA
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Open Cloud Archive for Havana development
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Document proposed OpenStack SRU cadence process
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Update Cloud Archive documentation inline with support lifecycle
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Create PPA's for cloud-tools pockets
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Update cloud-archive configuration for new tools pockets (~)
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Induct gandelman-a into the Cloud Archive Admins team
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Update SRU cadence for entry into ca-staging at same time as proposed queue (~)
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Figure out and document security update process for 3 month shortfall between distro and OpenStack support
postponed servercloud-s-ceph High New packaging to include new sync agents for rados gateway (2)
servercloud-s-ceph High Regular multi-node ceph testing in the lab
servercloud-s-ceph High Implement more in-depth testing of Ceph to support SRU's
servercloud-s-ceph High Ceph teuthology tests for deploying with Juju
servercloud-s-ceph High Ability to use upstream packages in Juju charms
servercloud-s-ceph High Review upstream patches for mod_fastcgi
servercloud-s-ceph High Review/test ceph RADOS with mod_fcgid
servercloud-s-ceph High Identify use-cases for ceph performance scenarios
servercloud-s-ceph High Physical az awareness and auto-configuration in ceph charms
servercloud-s-ceph High Pool creation and configuration support in ceph charms
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Upload juju-core point release
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Backport juju-core to 12.04, 12.10 and 13.04
servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Investigate automated releases of juju-core into Ubuntu
servercloud-s-mongodb High work with upstream to evaluate MongoDB for main inclusion (~)
servercloud-s-mongodb High MIR for MongoDB and dependencies (~)
servercloud-s-mongodb High MRE for MongoDB (0.5)
servercloud-s-mongodb High LP: #1175028: Mongodb links GPL code with SSL (libmongodb-perl)
servercloud-s-mongodb High LP: #1187262: [MIR] mongodb, libv8, snowball, gyp (gyp)
servercloud-s-mongodb High LP: #1187262: [MIR] mongodb, libv8, snowball, gyp (libv8)
servercloud-s-mongodb High LP: #1187262: [MIR] mongodb, libv8, snowball, gyp (mongodb)
servercloud-s-mongodb High LP: #1187262: [MIR] mongodb, libv8, snowball, gyp (snowball)
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Bug closure for cloud-archive bugs
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Discuss communications plan around cloud-archive releases with jcastro (~)
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Implement workflow for critical security updates (1)
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Automate cloud archive backports to staging for existing packages in the cloud-archive
jamespage postponed servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Update quantum-gateway to support single-NIC deployment (2)
Jorge O. Castro todo servercloud-s-juju-docs High Streamline contributions process in documentation
servercloud-s-juju-docs High : Make sure our docs are synced on
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Migrate/Move documentation embedded in into (getting started, and community).
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Get UX testing on the docs
done servercloud-s-juju-contributor-onramp Medium : Highlight Places where people can contribute (
servercloud-s-juju-contributor-onramp Medium : Lower the Barrier to entry (
servercloud-s-juju-contributor-onramp Medium Create Problem Tracker for issues found by users (
marcoceppi todo servercloud-s-juju-docs High Propose policy for inclusion of doc contributions as ~charmers contrib
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Auto-generate charm interfaces documentation
servercloud-s-juju-charmhelper2 Medium Update charm tools to promote best practices wrt stubbing/libraries WITH TESTS
inprogress servercloud-s-juju-charm-testing Essential Integration Testing includes framework that charm authors can write tests against (embedded in the charm) (amulet)
servercloud-s-juju-charm-testing Essential Modify charm tools to capture a stub integration test
done servercloud-s-juju-charmhelper2 Medium Consolidate existing forks/helper code bases
servercloud-s-juju-charmhelper2 Medium Develop repos/organization structure of code base (modularize code)
servercloud-s-juju-charmhelper2 Medium Define distribution methods
servercloud-s-juju-charmhelper2 Medium sync up with james and adam when structuring lp:charm-helpers
servercloud-s-juju-charmhelper2 Medium charm-tools: Do not auto-fill charm description from package in "charm create."
servercloud-s-juju-charmhelper2 Medium Shell out language specific commands
servercloud-s-juju-docs High Prepare rollout strategy for new docs launch
servercloud-s-juju-charm-testing Essential Develop Juju test plugin (ie juju test)
servercloud-s-juju-charm-testing Essential Include charm-helper library for all charmers
postponed servercloud-s-juju-charm-testing Essential Jenkins testing on new merge proposal, on success it is a candidate for review
Mark Mims todo servercloud-s-juju-docs High Testing structure for charm documentation
nobody postponed servercloud-s-webscale Undefined Identify specific advantages of nginx over apache
servercloud-s-webscale Undefined Review security track record of nginx
servercloud-s-webscale Undefined Speak with nginx upstream re main inclusion appetite
servercloud-s-webscale Undefined Prepare MIR for nginx
servercloud-s-webscale Undefined Determine if there is value in including varnish in main
servercloud-s-webscale Undefined Prepare MIR for varnish
Robie Basak done servercloud-s-juju-2-delivery Undefined Get Go 1.1 into the archive
postponed servercloud-s-mongodb High Complete and feed arm porting work back upstream
servercloud-s-mongodb High Review memcpy hack in deserialization code prior to upstream submission
servercloud-s-mongodb High work with Jon Masters for Atomic operations patch review -> upstream
Serge Hallyn blocked servercloud-s-virtstack High Exploit stacked apparmor profiles for container nesting
servercloud-s-virtstack High no-change libvirt push to pick up new xen libraries (0)
done servercloud-s-virtstack High (Dwight is pushing this, but has no lp id) Push fix for XFS and user namespaces
servercloud-s-virtstack High Fix lxc-net to be nestable with no user interaction
servercloud-s-virtstack High Write sysctl to disable unprivileged CLONE_NEWUSER
servercloud-s-virtstack High Ask jjohansen about any apparmor kernel/userspace packages we can put in ubuntu-lxc ppa for testing stacked (0.5)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Bisect kernel signal delivery bug affecting lxc
servercloud-s-virtstack High Improve cgroup support in nested case
servercloud-s-virtstack High Pursue subuid patchset for shadow
servercloud-s-virtstack High Enable unprivileged container creation
servercloud-s-virtstack High Write a privileged helper to facilitate unprivileged networked container
servercloud-s-virtstack High Enable unprivileged container starting (cgroups)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Add console support to API (Dwight)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Add attach support to API (Christian)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Convert create to API
servercloud-s-virtstack High Convert stop to API
servercloud-s-virtstack High Convert destroy to API
servercloud-s-virtstack High List lxc programs to be converted to API (
servercloud-s-virtstack High Update locking in API to handle killed programs
servercloud-s-virtstack High Update container creation to handle SIGKILL (using 'partial' file)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Improve thread safety in API
servercloud-s-virtstack High Discuss upstream stable branches with upstream (sent email to list)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Merge qemu 1.5.0
servercloud-s-virtstack High Write loopback backingstore driver
servercloud-s-virtstack High Investigate openvswitch bridges by default in libvirt (1)
servercloud-s-virtstack High start live block migration testing using juju of libvirt+kvm with local storage (1)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Work distro lxc tests upstream (2 @ sep 25)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Address monitor versioning in lxc (1)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Add snapshot support to API (3)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Discuss API versioning of library and (python, lua, etc) hooks at plumbers (3 @ sep 17)
servercloud-s-virtstack High complete live block migration testing (using juju?) of libvirt+kvm with local storage (1 @ sep 23)
postponed servercloud-s-virtstack High write POC of nestable cgroup manager
servercloud-s-virtstack High Enable unprivileged container starting (network)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Enable unprivileged container starting (complete)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Get CONFIG_USER_NS=y into kernel (as soon as saucy+1 opens)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Write qemu-nbd backingstore driver
servercloud-s-virtstack High Merge cgroup-lite into libcgroup (depends on libcgroup sysvinit scripts)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Default-off support for per-user cgroup configuration at boot/login
servercloud-s-virtstack High Pursue patch for ovmf to provide save/restore of nvvars to support boot variables (3 @ oct 7)
servercloud-s-virtstack High live block migration testing using juju of libvirt+kvm with ceph (2 @ oct 2)
Stefan Bader done servercloud-s-virtstack High Pick up upstream Xen-4.3 release
servercloud-s-virtstack High Refresh Debian/Ubuntu patches against Xen
servercloud-s-virtstack High Decide how to include qemu-upstream
servercloud-s-virtstack High Update packaging to allow libvirt to build the libxl driver
servercloud-s-virtstack High Unit testing with xm and xl stack (native and libvirt)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Enable Xen compile for armhf
servercloud-s-virtstack High Merge xen 4.3
servercloud-s-virtstack High PUsh xen 4.3 to archive
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined File FFe exception for Xen 4.3
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Resolve outstanding issues with Xen 4.3 upload (zulcss to help)
Scott Moser todo servercloud-s-simplestreams High blog about simplestreams query (1)
servercloud-s-simplestreams High update ask ubuntu question how-do-i-know-what-ubuntu-ami-to-launch-on-ec2 (1)
done servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Update tools for cloud-tools pockets (0.5)
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Upload initial tools (maas, juju, golang, lxc) to cloud-tools pocket (1)
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High add-apt-repository for cloud-archive
servercloud-s-simplestreams High ubuntu main inclusion. bug 1220427. (2)
servercloud-s-simplestreams High file bug assign to utlmeming (bug 1218566)
servercloud-s-simplestreams High local mirror tool into archive (1)
servercloud-s-virtstack High Ensure that lxc-ubuntu-cloud can be used with cloudinit for openstack
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined file feature freeze exception for block device partitioning and formatting. bug 1218506. (1)
postponed servercloud-s-simplestreams High server-side - import scraping of archive for netboot/installer images (2)
servercloud-s-simplestreams High server-side - publish netboot/installer images (2)
servercloud-s-simplestreams High server-side - make no races
servercloud-s-simplestreams High server-side - expire daily builds, removing only after some wait
servercloud-s-simplestreams High cloud-utils ubuntu-cloudimg-query replacement
servercloud-s-virtstack High use simplestreams to provide secure ubuntu-cloud deliver to lxc
techboard done servercloud-s-mongodb High LP: #1175028: Mongodb links GPL code with SSL (mongodb)
Ben Howard todo servercloud-s-simplestreams High server-side - run check-url against exported formats and scream loudly on broken. bug 1218566. (2)
blocked servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined cloud-init remove grub-legacy-ec2, depend on pv-grub-menu (1)
done servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined block device creation support. bug 1218506. (3)
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined 0.7.3 cloud-init release (1)
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined 0.7.3 cloud-init inclusion in 13.10 (1)
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined openstack vendor-data blueprint for
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined openstack vendor-data support
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined cloud-utils inclusion of vcs-run
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined cloud-utils cleanup of cloud-run-instances
postponed servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined replace oauth with oauthlib (bug 1118815) (2)
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined cloud-init support for vendor-data (3)
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined cloud-init support safe user-disabling of vendor-data (2)
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined cloud-utils tool for creating derivative images
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined cloud-utils tool for creating Azure derivate images
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined cloud-init pre-init phase
servercloud-s-cloud-init Undefined cloud-init in python3
wedgwood done servercloud-s-juju-charmhelper2 Medium With help from marcoceppi, bac, adam_g, and james_page get core libraries ready
Yolanda Robla done servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test apache2
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test bind9
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test dovecot (imapd)
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test dovecot (pop3d)
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test exim4
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test mysql-server
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test postgresql
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test openldap
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test openssh
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test postfix
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test nginx
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test python-django
postponed servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test openstack (7)
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test squid (1)
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test tomcat7 (1)
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test memcached (1)
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test couchdb (1)
servercloud-s-server-app-banner-updates Undefined Check, enable, and test nodejs (1)
servercloud-s-openstack-charms High Investigate backup and monitoring interfaces across OpenStack charms (.5)
Chuck Short todo servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Discuss use of HWE kernels with juju/maas teams in terms of support timeframes
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Regression testing and upgrade testing of OpenStack charms
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Include heat in pre-commit openstack testing
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Include ceilometer in per-commit openstack testing
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Add reporting of test pipeline (needs IS support)
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Include swift in per-commit openstack testing
servercloud-s-virtstack High Push nova-lxc driver upstream
servercloud-s-virtstack High Follow up with Citrix's plans for xcp
servercloud-s-virtstack High Fix apparmor bug preventing libvirt-lxc from mounting blockdevs
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined MIR conntrack(.25)
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Automatic population of glance with Ubuntu images
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Review documentation ( and merge as appropriate(1)
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Test libvirt-xen + Xen 4.3 and Openstack
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Write documentation on libvirt-xen
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Document supported configurations (including juju charm support)
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Collect additional hardening profiles from users
inprogress servercloud-s-virtstack High Write a nova using the lxc API
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Test vmware support and Openstack
done servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined MIR python-pecan
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined MIR python-happybase
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Package HEAT
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Automated compression of JS
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Look at adding python3 support
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined nova dep8 tests
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined glance dep8 tests
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined keystone dep8 tests
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined horizon dep8 tests
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined quantum dep8 tests
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined novaclient dep8 tests
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined glanceclient dep8 tests
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined keystoneclient dep8 tests
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined quantumclient dep8 tests
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Package tempest
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Rename quantum
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Move packaging to ubuntu-server-dev
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Update d/control files for new VCS
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Update d/control Maintainers
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Qemu -> Havana Cloud Archive
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined OpenvSwitch -> Havana Cloud Archive
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Track quantum rename
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Native LXC support(15)
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Mongodb -> Havana Cloud Archive(.25)
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Review of Dependencies for 3rd-party plugins(.25)
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Confirm tab completion in all clients(.25)
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Package Openstack havana for 12.04 and 13.10
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Track status of Ironic incubation vs core status
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Python3 support
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined file 'SRU openstack havana' bug (.5)
servercloud-s-cloud-archive High Backport of qemu for Havana
servercloud-s-virtstack High Merge libvirt 1.0.6
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Add support for quantum based security rules to nova and quantum charms
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Add OpenStack + Quantum with L2 tenant separation
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Add DEP-8 tests to openstack packages
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Upstream dependency tracking of pypi
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Review reporting of testing results to public jenkins, investigate performance
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined File FFE exception for new LXC driver in nova package
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Rebuild of libvirt post Xen 4.3 upload to pickup new driver
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined New LXC based driver for nova
postponed servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined General refactor of compute package for easy non-libvirt compute flavor(1)
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Add vsphere support for packages(.25)
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Refactor cinder-volume for better backend support(1)
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Add zeromq support to the package
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Add better quantum integration for plugins
servercloud-s-openstack-havana Undefined Contribure to upstream documentation for Ubuntu
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Upgrade testing of packages
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Add tempest stress testing to openstack-ci lab
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Add ipv6 support to lab
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Add zeromq support tot lab
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Implement mahem badger -> tempest integration
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Review cloudbox inconjunction with Canonical cert team
servercloud-s-openstack-qa High Add smoke testing of the HA configuration
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Add a more recent version of XCP to the Ubuntu Archive
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Write XCP documentation and Openstack
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Test XCP and Openstack
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Write documenation on vmware and Openstack
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Add lxc block device support for apparmor
servercloud-s-openstack-hypervisor Undefined Add lxc qemu-nbd support for Openstack

Last updated: Thu 31 October 2013, 13:13 UTC