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Workitem burndown


"foreign" counts refer to workitems that are assigned to someone not in the team

Burndown chart
80% of 127

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
75% of 12
Undefined Enable various input drivers to provide sensor access on ARM devices (tablets and phones). This includes the following: - camera [PRIORITY] - wifi [PRIORITY] works - bluetooth [PRIORITY] works - touch [PRIORITY] works (single touch) - accelerometer - GPS - compass - NFC - Telephony
89% of 9
High On arm, we are going to keep the same desktop experience than the desktop one. Streamlining the image removing some packaging and very few light tweaks.
98% of 42
High In the past few cycles, we saw that our desktop took more and more RAM to run the full session. Also, more daemons mean more interruptions on the CPU, and less battery file. We will get services to not run when not needed and work on improving the code of those components to consume less resources
100% of 9
High A discussion of best practices for measuring and reporting power consumption on low power devices. This will include software tools, lab testing environments, and tools for troubleshooting problems.
80% of 10
Medium With the R release we want to be able to flash ubuntu onto unlocked fastboot based android devices. The image build system will provide img files for this. To make the actual flashing procedure as easy and safe as possible, this functionality should be integrated into usb-creator which already deals with writing images to devices.
100% of 5
Medium Review of the onscreen keyboard options, their pros and their cons and what work will be needed for Ubuntu in the next cycles.
62% of 13
High A discussion of how to measure boot & resume time for ARM devices, tools for measurement, and what things can be done to improve the performance of each.
23% of 13
High We now have cross-compilers in Ubuntu, and interesting cross-compilation targets in Ubuntu. It's time to step up the best practices around them and make sure we have a good working solution for the packages that are part of the image.
60% of 5
High Now that we have the Nexus 7 as a reference device, it is becoming obvious that there would be certain system policies that might be applied to make Ubuntu Desktop behave better on a tablet. For example, it is common on tablet devices to press the power button and expect to instantly suspend the machine, instead of prompting the user for the desired action. We need to create a plan on how to identify and manage these potential policy differences.
78% of 9
High Devices which ship with Android require OS images to come in a particular ROM format. Ensure that generating these images is well-supported in the pipeline.

Status by assignee

Assignee Todo Blocked In Progress Postponed Done Completion
Alex Chiang 3 0 1 3 2 56%
Adam Conrad 0 0 1 0 0 0%
ara 0 0 0 0 1 100%
William Hua 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Barry Warsaw 0 0 0 0 2 100%
Brian Murray 0 0 0 1 1 100%
Bryce Harrington 0 0 0 0 2 100%
canonical-desktop-team 0 0 0 0 1 100%
canonical-dx-team 0 0 0 2 0 100%
charles 0 0 0 2 0 100%
Colin Watson 0 0 0 0 2 100%
Colin King 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Didier Roche 0 0 0 4 0 100%
Matthias Klose 2 0 0 0 1 33%
Evan Dandrea 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Jani Monoses 1 0 0 0 2 67%
jk-ozlabs 1 0 1 0 1 33%
Ken VanDine 0 0 0 1 3 100%
Iain Lane 0 0 0 0 2 100%
Lars Uebernickel 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Leann Ogasawara 0 0 0 1 2 100%
Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre 0 0 1 1 0 50%
Michael Hall 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Michal Hruby 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Michael Terry 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Oliver Grawert 4 0 2 3 10 68%
Pete Graner 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Martin Pitt 0 0 0 0 6 100%
robert-ancell 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Ricardo Salveti 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Steve Conklin 0 0 0 0 3 100%
Sebastien Bacher 0 0 0 10 10 100%
Seth Forshee 0 0 0 0 1 100%
sil2100 1 0 0 1 0 50%
St├ęphane Graber 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Pawel Stolowski 0 0 0 0 1 100%
ted 0 0 1 0 0 0%
Steve Langasek 3 0 0 0 1 25%
Wookey 1 0 1 0 0 0%
Dmitrijs Ledkovs 1 0 1 6 5 85%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
Alex Chiang todo foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High Measure and improve shutdown time
foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High LP: #1066950: bootchart not working
foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High check jk's import of cross build docs & do some test builds
inprogress desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence High escalate plymouth issue to nvidia
done desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined tag nexus 7 bugs with 'sensors'
desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined create wifi bug and assign
postponed desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High Analyzing the diff from the image proposed for nexus7 (keeping ibus?) and from the ubuntu image
desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High reveal the "secret" of seed distribution done by OEM and push that to ubuntu upstream
desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined Jot down (in Nexus7 wiki) a list of what existing userspace libraries exist for each of the sensors
Adam Conrad inprogress foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High check out apache build environment
ara done hardware-r-arm-power-measurement High get data from ARM power blueprint/slides/notes into Nexus7 wiki
William Hua postponed desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High rewrite unity-lens-photo in vala
Barry Warsaw done foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High check pyo optimisation, .py file optimisation
foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High maybe use py-freeze to speed up python code
Brian Murray done desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High look at what update-notifier is used for nowadays, identify if those functionalities could be replaced/moved to upstart jobs []
postponed desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High change update-notifier to be running on demand, from an upstart job, does the action it has been called for and exit
Bryce Harrington done desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High Only pulls the driver which are relevant to the device itself
desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined driver level work in rotation bugs
canonical-desktop-team done desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High go through the long running processes and run valgrind on them to assure we don't have obvious leaks
canonical-dx-team postponed desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High rewrite unity-scope-video-remote in !python
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High rewrite unity-scope-gdrive in !python
charles postponed desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High valgrind the indicators stack
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High look at moving the eds/geoclue use in indicator-datetime from startup to about-to-show
Colin Watson done desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High fix upower memory leaks
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High reduce update-notifier memory use
Colin King done hardware-r-arm-power-measurement High analyse the results from the battery (it may be that even thought the actual numbers are not accurate, if they are consistently repeatable, that may be enough to detect regressions) (see
Didier Roche postponed desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High talk to desrt and others about a "libidle" to use for "exit after idle"
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High look at what options are activated in compiz and not needed (reduce number of .so loaded by default)
desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High Analyzing the diff from the image proposed for nexus7 (keeping ibus?) and from the ubuntu image
desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High Look at creating this common seed
Matthias Klose todo foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High investigate how to dump config.cache in the build log (sbuild?)
foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High followup with wgrant about blhc scans
done foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High fix the cross compiler default include paths to be multiarch compatible
Evan Dandrea postponed desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High Reduce memory usage of whoopsie
Jani Monoses todo desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined fix camera driver (in talks with Nvidia who are working on this)
done desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined understand where accelerometer is exposing data
desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined investigate ambient light sensor
jk-ozlabs todo foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High define package sets: core, GUI, server (talk to rsalveti, achiang for input). Send email to vorlon, cjwatson, doko
inprogress foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High import wookey's cross build docs to
done foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High bug adconrad regularly about apache build environment
Ken VanDine done desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High check with online team if signond needs to be running all the time
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High investigate long running telepathy-indicator/mission-control
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High investigate long running signon-ui
postponed desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High investigate long running geoclue/geoip services
Iain Lane done desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review Medium get maliit in the archive
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High drop g-c-c recommends on goa so it's not installed by default
Lars Uebernickel postponed desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High investigate not running indicator-printer on systems without a printer configured
Leann Ogasawara done hardware-r-arm-power-measurement High Schedule kick off call with Kernel & QA teams
desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High Check once again kernel autoremoval
postponed hardware-r-arm-power-measurement High Discuss the value of running Phronix tests in conjunction to ensure we don't regress (note I'm not convinced however it was a concern of rickspencer3)
Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre inprogress desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined GPS investigation
postponed desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined NFC investigation
Michael Hall postponed desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High engage with the community for the python->c/vala porting effort
Michal Hruby postponed desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High make zg-fts expire datas after some time to reduce the size of the db
Michael Terry done desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High Make lightdm selectively lock memory instead of using mlockall
Oliver Grawert todo foundations-r-android-image-builds High contact QA about a minimal set of image test cases
foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High delay onboard startup after unity loads
foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High make 'DPMS off' the first step in pm-utils
foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support Medium update release notes
inprogress foundations-r-android-image-builds High add oversize check for the rootfs img, we are currently constrained by ram size in fastboot
desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence High fix plymouth handling inside initrd
done desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review Medium have a look to what it would take to add strut support to onboard and talk to desktop about that (upstream added "dock" support)
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High seed zram-conf
foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High see if dropping initrd would improve boot speed (tested, initrd is not avoidable with the nexus7 setup, "noinitrd" is not respected)
foundations-r-android-image-builds High research if we should use the full make_ext4fs or just ext2simg/img2simg from the android-tools-fsutils package
foundations-r-android-image-builds High make sure android-tools-fsutils gets used during image build for nexus7 images
foundations-r-android-image-builds High add nexus7 subarch support to cdimage/debian-cd
foundations-r-android-image-builds High enhance the preinstalled image type (ac100) to produce fastboot capable images (2x img instead of 1x img + 1x tarball) on demand
desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence High upload a ubuntu-defaults-nexus7 package to raring
desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence High provide the desktop team the current settings package tweaks
foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support Medium help xnox coding/troubleshooting
postponed desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High Look at creating this common seed
desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High Only pulls the driver which are relevant to the device itself
foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support Medium single tarball images? (not really needed)
Pete Graner done hardware-r-arm-power-measurement High get hardware wired up in the lab to support testing against the daily images
Martin Pitt done foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High add timestamps to pm-utils scripts for the pm-suspend logs
foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High disable pm-utils video quirks on arm
foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High disable pm-powersave call during suspend on arm
foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High review other pm-suspend hooks and check how they can be made faster
desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined understand difference between IIO and evdev
desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined investigate how to emulate evdev events
robert-ancell done desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High look at why lightdm is using 30MB (it's due to the memory locking - without locking it drops to 3.7M)
Ricardo Salveti done foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support Medium review legal about the drivers, does that legal txt needs to be shown... (i had irc confirmation we should show it and that current text is fine)
Steve Conklin done hardware-r-arm-power-measurement High find datasheets on this device (maybe not possible) [it wasn't possible, no response from vendors]
hardware-r-arm-power-measurement High investigate ARM energy probe
hardware-r-arm-power-measurement High further investigate the user-space component that is doing some of the power control
Sebastien Bacher done desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review Medium tweak onboard settings to improve performances/experience (slow on arm) (fixed by upstream in the current snapshot in raring)
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High look if gnome-keyring needs to be running all the time (needs to, restarting would mean having to unlock it again, e.g ask user for password every time)
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High look at making notify-osd exit on idle
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High look at what is making goa run for some users (it's e-d-s)
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High talk to the QA team about daily measurement
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High set up follow-up meetings about the topics we didn't cover during the session
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High review g-s-d components and which ones are needed or not needed
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High replace ubuntu-system-services (python) by systemd helpers (C)
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High investigate if mousetweaks is useful/should be running on the nexus (it's not enabled by default so not an issue)
desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence High register a blueprint describing the decision process (done on the whiteboard here instead)
postponed desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review Medium investigate maliit support in nux
desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review Medium talk to the community team to get help for building dictionnaries for "presage" (text prediction database)
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High look if polkit-gnome-authentication needs to be running all the time
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High talk to U1 guys about memory usage and disk wakes
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High change evolution-source-registry to not start goa under unity
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High look at the dbus traffic and work to reduce it
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High provide a list/documentation for python processes that could be ported to C/vala/...
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High look at the wakeups list and set work items for the main offenders
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High run unity-panel-service under valgrind loading selectively one indicator at time (possible leak pointed on
desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High investigate if we can make cups run on-demand (would require socket activation support in upstart? - upstart supports socket activation, so one only needs to update job file)
Seth Forshee done hardware-r-arm-power-measurement High invesigate power tutor, see what APIs it uses and see if it's portable onto Nexus7 (please send notes to mfisch when done)
sil2100 todo desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers Undefined write unity tests that check that XRandR rotation events configure the desktop accordingly
postponed desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review Medium investigate maliit support in nux
St├ęphane Graber done foundations-r-android-image-builds High get the images added to the iso tracker
Pawel Stolowski done desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High rewrite unity-lens-video in vala (lp:~stolowski/unity-lens-video/vala-rewrite)
ted inprogress desktop-r-reduced-power-ram High teach hud-service to exit after an idle timeout
Steve Langasek todo desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High Confirm that we should disable srcpkgcache.bin by default and switch the configuration so that it doesn't come back on the installed image
foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High concrete recommendations for test running: nocheck vs. qemu-user-static, add to cross build pages on
foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High provide two profiles for mk-sbuild: one for qemu, and one for nocheck
done foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High open a bug for rpath issue in toolchain, assign to hrw (bug 923779)
Wookey todo foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High check jk's import of cross build docs
inprogress foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation High upstream overrides
Dmitrijs Ledkovs todo foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High LP: #1044413: bootspeed performance (e2fsprogs)
inprogress foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support Medium help / collaborate on udisks2 port
done foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High check pyo optimisation, .py file optimisation
foundations-r-android-image-builds High package make_ext4fs (, upload into ubuntu
foundations-r-android-image-builds High find out how android calls "reboot bootloader" from a running system, and see if we can make use of this for QA
foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support Medium udev rules to pop up usb-creator (lp:~xnox/usb-creator/nexus7)
foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support Medium code the fastboot backend
postponed foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup High experiment with ureadahead
desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High Look at nilfs2 current state (cannot rebase snapshots, no fsck, to be reconsidered later)
desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint High Look at f2fs current state (cannot rebase snapshots, no fsck, to be reconsidered later)
foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support Medium collaborate with requirements with design on technical req
foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support Medium find designers to provide UX and design
foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support Medium check for dd backend and see what can be done with it (unrelated to arm/fastboot)

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