Work items in inprogress status

This page shows the full list of workitems in a particular status. This can be useful to see a list of workitems that are blocked or postponed for instance.

Blueprint Priority Assignee Description
security-q-apparmor-dev-dbus High Steve Beattie dbus - get apparmor kernel, parser, library, dbus into a ppa (high) (1)
community-q-juju-charm-growth Undefined James Page ganglia ( deepdive )
community-q-loco-portal-design-iteration Undefined Adnane Belmadiaf Remove from microblogging feed
kubuntu-q-active Medium Michał Zając Package Mallit
foundations-q-ubiquity-lvm-luks Essential Dmitrijs Ledkovs Check / Make sure that it is possible to pre-seed complex block device
foundations-q-ubiquity-lvm-luks Essential Dmitrijs Ledkovs LVM manual UI
foundations-q-ubiquity-lvm-luks Essential Dmitrijs Ledkovs LP: #43453: live cd partitioner doesn't understand lvm properly (ubiquity)
foundations-r-software-raid High Dmitrijs Ledkovs create (Ubuntu|Upstream) RAID Architecture Specification
desktop-p-lock-screen Medium Matthew Paul Thomas LP: #882296: No complete specification for how Ubuntu sessions are supposed to work (gnome-session)
community-q-appdevelopers-events Undefined David Planella Contact Ubuntu enthusiast and external sites to promote the contest
community-q-appdevelopers-events Undefined David Planella Promote and run the Ubuntu App Developer contest
community-q-appdevelopers-external-outreach Undefined David Planella Create a list tech media sites to reach out for publishing app developer content
community-q-appdevelopers-site-incremental-improvements Undefined Andrew Mitchell Help triaging d.u.c. bugs
qa-q-assuring-kernel-quality Undefined C de-Avillez incorporate Kernel testing as part of the release process
qa-q-assuring-kernel-quality Undefined C de-Avillez provide needed hardware for representative list and make availible in lab
qa-q-assuring-kernel-quality Undefined C de-Avillez help ensure automated tests can be run and reported automatically for every kernel upload against targeted hardware
foundations-q-crash-database High Evan Dandrea Implement end-to-end system testing using juju and the canonistack/ec2
foundations-q-crash-database High Evan Dandrea Support errors from debconf dialogs
foundations-q-crash-database High Evan Dandrea Support errors from hangs using compiz
foundations-q-crash-database High Evan Dandrea Speed up most common errors calculation by using a frequently calculated intermediary CF for the subset
foundations-q-crash-database High Evan Dandrea LP: #963007: We should use the MAC address when the system UUID is not available (whoopsie-daisy)
community-q-packaging-guide Undefined Andrew Starr-Bochicchio Review and merge old wiki pages into packaging guide
community-q-packaging-guide Undefined Andrew Starr-Bochicchio make sure that info is not dupped between UDD articles and others #942754 #973884
community-q-appdevelopers-events Undefined Michael Hall Talk to design team about evangelism flyers/slides
community-q-upstream-appdev-docs Undefined Michael Hall Search for existing tutorials/snippets/examples on the web and add them to the app developer cookbook
community-q-unity-docs Undefined Michael Hall Collect Autopilot and other test writing documentation
community-q-unity-docs Undefined Michael Hall Post Autopilot docs on unity.u.c
community-q-edubuntu Medium Jonathan Carter 2: prepare edubuntu website changes: announcement banner, release notes, release announcement
foundations-q-networking Medium Stéphane Graber Investigate switching to another local resolver that better supports DNSSEC (unbound)
kubuntu-q-packaging Medium Jonathan Riddell include Calligra in Alpha images, decide on inclusion before beta
community-q-dev-outreach Undefined Daniel Holbach set up session for UDS-R about user testing the packaging guide
community-q-dev-outreach Undefined Daniel Holbach set up workshop session for UDS-R how to get involved in Ubuntu development
other-q-ubuntu-flavors High Scott Lavender ubuntu studio - get autotesting working --> add profile
servercloud-q-juju-charm-unit-tests High Mark Mims documentation for unit tests
desktop-q-indicator-redesign Medium Nick Tait Icons for messaging menu IM status
servercloud-q-juju-charm-unit-tests High Jim Baker make 'jitsu run-tests' aware of error codes (Jitsu watch)
software-center-q-client High Michael Vogt Analyse/fix memory leaks (bug #1003466)
desktop-p-accessibility-team-testing Medium pendulum work with Charline & Dan to start to figure out how to do Usability testing
kubuntu-q-packaging Medium Harald Sitter package tomahawk (if at all possible due to deps)
foundations-q-upstart-roadmap High James Hunt Document precisely what graphics-device-added and drm-device-added mean
desktop-q-upstart-session-requirements Low James Hunt Finish upstart-file-bridge (inotify version)
other-q-dmb-discussion Medium developer-membership-board : (micahg) Ask the CC about PPU and membership (that is if a few uploads showing technical skill is sufficient for membership and that being a dev should automatically mean membership)
servercloud-q-cloud-init-utils Medium Ben Howard package sync image into cloud-utils
servercloud-q-cloud-init-utils Medium Ben Howard utility to be able to dump /query2 data for local cloud
other-q-spdx-gen Medium rbelem generate out an SPDX and DEP5 formats, and some sample files.
desktop-q-indicator-redesign Medium Charles Kerr Refactor indicator-session to be single menu
servercloud-q-juju-charm-best-practices Medium Clint Byrum make juju lxc use lxc networking instead of libvirt networking ?
servercloud-q-juju-release-process High Clint Byrum create spec to allow charms to depend on juju versions
community-q-dev-outreach Undefined Bhavani Shankar set up IRC sessions schedule (every 6-8 weeks) with imbrandon, bilalakhtar and bhavi, paulproteus, ejat, andrewsomething
desktop-q-keybindings-health-check Low thumper ensure the overlay is not displayed after a modifier key or mouse button/scrollwheel is pressed in combination with the Super key
desktop-q-xorg-lts-updates High Maarten Lankhorst Finalize list with all stakeholders of exactly which X packages will be renamed and list in lts-pkg-mapping.txt
desktop-q-xorg-lts-updates High Maarten Lankhorst Define desktop-enablement metapackage
desktop-q-xorg-general Essential Chris Halse Rogers review ubuntu delta on x-server and drop redundant patches
other-q-backports-bof Medium Iain Lane Update rebackporter bot to generate report on packages in backports that need to be updated
other-q-defects-dashboard High Ursula Junque Find a design person and request input about how to display all this data
other-q-defects-dashboard High Ursula Junque Create mock-ups and request input from people that will use it - kate, brian, cgregan, ev, bjf, mmrazik
other-q-arsenal-report-enhancements High Ursula Junque Define process for contributions to stable lpltk releases
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen sids, add sids hash table - kernel (high) (3)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen sids, update kernel iterfaces for sids - kernel (high) (2)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen stacking, kernel interface - kernel (high) (1)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen stacking, add profile sets - kernel (high) (3)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen stacking, update sids to represent profile sets - kernel (high) (2)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen stacking, update task context to use profile sets - kernel (high) (1)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen stacking, refactor code to pass profile set instead of profile into top level - kernel (high) (3)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen stacking, refactor path lookup, so it is done once, and pass to foreach profile in set - kernel (high) (2)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen stacking, extend task context to track top namespace - kernel (high) (2)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen rework interface for atomic profile set load (high) (3)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen rework profile locking to use RCU to avoid system deadlock (essential) (5)
security-q-apparmor-dev-essential Essential John Johansen base policy introspection interface - kernel (high) (3)
security-q-apparmor-dev-dbus High John Johansen userspace policy matching, userspace matching - libapparmor - deps (high) (2)
security-q-apparmor-dev-dbus High John Johansen userspace policy matching, unpack exported dfas - libapparmor - deps (high) (2)
servercloud-q-server-benchmark-and-performance Medium craig.magina Add a test for OpenMPI
other-q-release-team-meeting High Kate Stewart set up private channel on freenode during release week
other-q-release-communication High Kate Stewart restructure archive pad, to only reference those things that are questionable.
other-q-release-communication High Kate Stewart set up phone conference meeting for the freeze periods instead of G+ hangouts, so wider attendance easier
other-q-prior-release-feedback High Kate Stewart work with press team on different ideas for embargo, etc. discuss with release team in advance.
other-q-release-notes High Kate Stewart start discussion on ubuntu-devel of 1 WIKI template to rule them all, and include antonio's in discussion.
community-q-irc-workshops Undefined Jorge O. Castro Ubuntu on Air! for Alpha
community-q-juju-charm-growth Undefined Jorge O. Castro Experiment with Google Hangouts (Streaming) for at least 2 charm schools
kubuntu-q-packaging Medium Kubuntu Developers package Qt 5 based on ~canonical-qt5-edgers (final release expected in August)
desktop-q-xorg-general Essential Bryce Harrington Create launchpadlib tool which uses xorg log parsing code and adds the information to the bug
other-q-arsenal-report-enhancements High Bryce Harrington Define deployment process onto QA server (cranberry)
lubuntu-q-work-items Medium boamaod LP: #1031346: "Install packages" button insensitive (lubuntu-software-center)
lubuntu-q-work-items Medium Julien Lavergne Sync LXDE packages with Debian sid, and push changes to lxde-debian lxde list

Last updated: Fri 26 October 2012, 08:51 UTC