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This page shows the progress towards completing a Topic . You can see from the burndown if the Topic is likely to be completed at the current rate of work. Below that you can see the progress towards the blueprints that contribute to the Topic , and the progress of each person working on the Topic .

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Workitem burndown


"foreign" counts refer to workitems that are assigned to someone not in the team

Burndown chart
99% of 105

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
100% of 8
High Refresh the offline documentation for Xubuntu, both looks and content.
100% of 9
Medium This blueprint consists some general work items for Xubuntu appearance as well as larger entities as sub-blueprints.
88% of 8
Medium Web-related improvements for Xubuntu.
100% of 7
Medium Marketing Initiatives for the Quantal cycle
100% of 4
Low Implement a overlay or window to show current(?) keyboard shorcuts for window manager stuff as well as some default applications.
100% of 5
Essential Review the Xubuntu Strategy document. Important things to review include: * Mission statement * Voting procedures * Decision-making * Remove references to the Xubuntu Council until it is actually going to be set up In addition, the Strategy Document needs to be condensed, clarified and simplified
100% of 5
Medium Give Albatross a facelift, including proper GTK3 support
100% of 9
High New LightDM theme for 12.10
100% of 5
Essential Things needing review and/or actions: * Test case descriptions * Xubuntu-specific tests; short and long * Launchpad team structure * ...
100% of 15
Essential Include the 4.10 release of Xfce into Xubuntu 12.10.
100% of 6
High Analyze and optimize boot times (especially in Xubuntu-specific areas).
100% of 2
Medium Improve Bluebird theme's GTK3 support and cleanup GTK2.
100% of 6
Medium Rethink the concept for the elementary-xfce icon theme.
100% of 3
Medium Add more relevant launchers to the Settings manager.
100% of 4
Medium Review the terminal color scheme as well as other details.
100% of 3
Low Enable application sets in Ubiquity. Examples include: * Xfce-only * Accessibility * ...
100% of 9
Medium Explore possibilities of desktop search.
100% of 3
High New Plymouth theme for 12.10

Status by assignee

Assignee Todo Blocked In Progress Postponed Done Completion
Janne Jokitalo 0 0 0 1 1 100%
madnick 0 0 0 4 0 100%
Pasi Lallinaho 0 0 0 1 14 100%
Len Ovens 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Elizabeth Krumbach 0 0 0 0 7 100%
Lionel Le Folgoc 0 0 0 0 14 100%
Simon SteinbeiƟ 0 0 0 0 4 100%
shimmerproject 0 0 0 0 2 100%
Sean Davis 0 0 0 2 9 100%
tgm4883 0 0 0 0 2 100%
Unit 193 0 0 0 0 1 100%
xubuntu-art 0 0 0 4 5 100%
Xubuntu Developers 0 0 0 5 8 100%
xubuntu-doc 0 0 0 0 4 100%
xubuntu-team 0 0 0 7 12 100%
Xubuntu Website 0 1 0 0 2 67%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
Janne Jokitalo done other-q-xubuntu-qa-procedures Essential Review the Launchpad team structure for testers
postponed other-q-xubuntu-application-sets Low Make changes to Ubiquity
madnick postponed other-q-xubuntu-new-lightdm High Replace gnome-settings-daemon with xfsettingsd
other-q-xubuntu-new-lightdm High Create the theme
other-q-xubuntu-new-lightdm High Implement a settings GUI for LightDM
other-q-xubuntu-new-plymouth High Create the theme
Pasi Lallinaho done other-q-xubuntu-review-strategy-document Essential Initial rewrite, proof-reading and reviewing round
other-q-xubuntu-review-strategy-document Essential Review round 2 (grammar, wording...)
other-q-xubuntu-review-strategy-document Essential Release new Strategy Document for public
other-q-xubuntu-website-improvements Medium Create a web interface for managing countdown banners
other-q-xubuntu-website-improvements Medium Allow xubuntu-team members edit all non-published pages and posts
other-q-xubuntu-website-improvements Medium Review Launchpad team/project structure
other-q-xubuntu-appearance Medium Design new wallpaper
other-q-xubuntu-appearance Medium Design countdown banners
other-q-xubuntu-appearance Medium LP: #1049658: [UIFe] [Xubuntu] Office slide needs to be updated (ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu)
other-q-xubuntu-refresh-offline-documentation High Update offline documentation looks
other-q-xubuntu-albatross-facelift Medium Draft xfwm improvements
other-q-xubuntu-albatross-facelift Medium Implement xfwm improvements to the theme
other-q-xubuntu-albatross-facelift Medium Review the v2.x -branch for non-obsolete fixes
other-q-xubuntu-albatross-facelift Medium Fix xfwm bugs
postponed other-q-xubuntu-website-improvements Medium Get IS to upload plugin for managing banners and new images
Len Ovens done other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential LP: #1003064: [quantal] Panel & plugins config changes for 4.10 (ubuntustudio-default-settings)
Elizabeth Krumbach done other-q-xubuntu-website-improvements Medium Cleanup and review community wiki
other-q-xubuntu-marketing Medium Order stickers with new Xubuntu branding
other-q-xubuntu-marketing Medium Document new Xubuntu stickers ordering procedures
other-q-xubuntu-marketing Medium Order Xubuntu pins
other-q-xubuntu-marketing Medium Look into t-shirt options
other-q-xubuntu-marketing Medium Define target marketing audience
other-q-xubuntu-marketing Medium Collect information for pamphlet/handout
Lionel Le Folgoc done other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential Upload xfce4-panel 4.8 with a stricter shlibs (<< 4.9)
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential Rebuild all rdeps against this panel revision
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential Notify other "users" (mythbuntu, ubuntustudio) of needed changes for 4.10
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential Drop rdeps of xfce4-utils and file RM for it
other-q-xubuntu-desktop-search Medium Upload package to repositories
other-q-xubuntu-appearance Medium Upload a new release of shimmer-themes
other-q-xubuntu-appearance Medium Upload new panel config
other-q-xubuntu-appearance Medium LP: #1043170: [UIFe] Update Xubuntu wallpaper for Quantal (xubuntu-artwork)
other-q-xubuntu-appearance Medium LP: #1043170: [UIFe] Update Xubuntu wallpaper for Quantal (xubuntu-default-settings)
other-q-xubuntu-elementary-xfce Medium Upload new release of xubuntu-artwork with the changes
other-q-xubuntu-elementary-xfce Medium LP: #1006416: Add missing icons to elementary-xfce (xubuntu-artwork)
other-q-xubuntu-settings-manager-launchers Medium Upload changes
other-q-xubuntu-new-lightdm High LP: #1043176: Update lightdm "computer" icon (xubuntu-artwork)
other-q-xubuntu-new-lightdm High LP: #1043176: Update lightdm "computer" icon (xubuntu-default-settings)
Simon SteinbeiƟ done other-q-xubuntu-improve-bluebird Medium Fix bugs
other-q-xubuntu-elementary-xfce Medium LP: #980827: restart icon appears to have a line through it (xubuntu-artwork)
other-q-xubuntu-new-lightdm High Add theming for lightdm-gtk-greeter to Greybird
other-q-xubuntu-terminal-theme Medium LP: #1041892: Update terminalrc (xubuntu-default-settings)
shimmerproject done other-q-xubuntu-improve-bluebird Medium Add GTK3 support
other-q-xubuntu-albatross-facelift Medium Add GTK3 support
Sean Davis done other-q-xubuntu-desktop-search Medium Update Catfish
other-q-xubuntu-desktop-search Medium Remove deprecated dependencies
other-q-xubuntu-desktop-search Medium Revamp interface
other-q-xubuntu-desktop-search Medium Add live filters
other-q-xubuntu-desktop-search Medium Improve quality of filters
other-q-xubuntu-desktop-search Medium Set up translation-template
other-q-xubuntu-desktop-search Medium Gather translations
other-q-xubuntu-desktop-search Medium Release updated Catfish
other-q-xubuntu-shortcuts-overlay Low Create python implementation
postponed other-q-xubuntu-shortcuts-overlay Low Enable loading by keyboard shortcut
other-q-xubuntu-shortcuts-overlay Low Port to Vala
tgm4883 done other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential LP: #1002248: [quantal] xfce4-utils is deprecated in 4.10 (mythbuntu-default-settings)
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential LP: #1002248: [quantal] xfce4-utils is deprecated in 4.10 (mythbuntu-meta)
Unit 193 done other-q-xubuntu-settings-manager-launchers Medium Create a list of launchers that could be added to Settings Manager
xubuntu-art done other-q-xubuntu-elementary-xfce Medium Decide whether to stay independent or depend on upstream
other-q-xubuntu-elementary-xfce Medium Find unnecessary icons and remove
other-q-xubuntu-terminal-theme Medium Test various terminal color schemes with various applications
other-q-xubuntu-terminal-theme Medium Based on new information, rethink the color scheme
other-q-xubuntu-terminal-theme Medium Rethink default terminal font
postponed other-q-xubuntu-appearance Medium Consider shipping some .conkyrc files by default
other-q-xubuntu-new-lightdm High Prepare refreshed drafts for the theme
other-q-xubuntu-marketing Medium Design pamphlet/handout
other-q-xubuntu-new-plymouth High Prepare refreshed drafts for the theme
Xubuntu Developers done other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential Upload Xfce 4.10 core packages
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential Rebuild all rdeps against the new 4.10 panel
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential Rebuild all remaining rdeps against the new 4.10 libxfce4util
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential Migrate xubuntu-default-settings to 4.10 config changes (xfce4-panel, xfce4-indicator-plugin, etc.)
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential LP: #1001740: [quantal] Please remove xfce4-utils from the archive (xfce4-utils)
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential LP: #1002250: [quantal] xfce4-utils is deprecated in 4.10 (ubuntustudio-default-settings)
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential LP: #1002250: [quantal] xfce4-utils is deprecated in 4.10 (ubuntustudio-meta)
other-q-xubuntu-xfce-410 Essential LP: #1002253: [quantal] xfce4-utils is deprecated in 4.10 (qimo-session)
postponed other-q-xubuntu-optimize-boot High Upload changes
other-q-xubuntu-shortcuts-overlay Low Upload package to repositories
other-q-xubuntu-new-lightdm High Upload changes
other-q-xubuntu-new-plymouth High Upload changes
other-q-xubuntu-application-sets Low Upload changes
xubuntu-doc done other-q-xubuntu-refresh-offline-documentation High Rewrite offline documentation
other-q-xubuntu-refresh-offline-documentation High Review new offline documentation
other-q-xubuntu-refresh-offline-documentation High Convert new offline documentation to DocBook
other-q-xubuntu-refresh-offline-documentation High Upload new offline documentation
xubuntu-team done other-q-xubuntu-review-strategy-document Essential Review and give feedback
other-q-xubuntu-review-strategy-document Essential Vote on changes
other-q-xubuntu-qa-procedures Essential Review the Xubuntu-specific tests (short/long)
other-q-xubuntu-qa-procedures Essential Review the test case statuses (mandatory/run-once)
other-q-xubuntu-qa-procedures Essential Review Wubi position and follow up with ev
other-q-xubuntu-qa-procedures Essential Update testcases and testsuites at the QA tracker
other-q-xubuntu-appearance Medium Rethink panel layout
other-q-xubuntu-elementary-xfce Medium Report missing icons
other-q-xubuntu-refresh-offline-documentation High Set up infrastructure to handle docs refresh
other-q-xubuntu-refresh-offline-documentation High Review installation slideshow
other-q-xubuntu-refresh-offline-documentation High LP: #1043957: Update documentation looks (xubuntu-docs)
other-q-xubuntu-settings-manager-launchers Medium Decide which launchers to add
postponed other-q-xubuntu-optimize-boot High Set up instructions for gathering boot time information
other-q-xubuntu-optimize-boot High Gather information
other-q-xubuntu-optimize-boot High Analyze information
other-q-xubuntu-optimize-boot High Optimize boot as needed/able
other-q-xubuntu-optimize-boot High Test boot time optimizations
other-q-xubuntu-new-lightdm High Set up translations for the settings GUI
other-q-xubuntu-application-sets Low Draft/review application sets
Xubuntu Website blocked other-q-xubuntu-website-improvements Medium Update to mention offline docs
done other-q-xubuntu-website-improvements Medium Cleanup and review wiki
other-q-xubuntu-website-improvements Medium Cleanup and review website

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