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Workitem burndown


"foreign" counts refer to workitems that are assigned to someone not in the team

Burndown chart
100% of 90

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
100% of 10
Medium Researching and implementing what audio performance improvements could be made for Ubuntu Studio. Some implementation might continue into next cycle.
100% of 7
Medium Updates to the Ubuntu Studio work flows
100% of 4
Medium Research and develop for future updates to Ubuntu Studio.
100% of 25
Medium Updates to various Ubuntu Studio documentation for users, development, and testing.
100% of 4
Medium Updates for the Ubuntu Studio LiveDVD image
100% of 26
Medium Miscellaneous updates for Ubuntu Studio
100% of 14
Medium Updates to the Ubuntu Studio theming and artwork

Status by assignee

Assignee Todo Blocked In Progress Postponed Done Completion
Kaj Ailomaa 0 0 0 17 6 100%
Len Ovens 0 0 0 2 22 100%
Scott Lavender 0 0 0 17 3 100%
Howard Chan 0 0 0 1 3 100%
ubuntustudio-dev 0 0 0 16 3 100%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
Kaj Ailomaa done ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - new user documentation for intro to/explanation of ubuntu studio
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - new user documentation for installation
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - new user documentation for getting help (irc, mailing list, website, voodo, black magic, bribery) (done in community docs
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium testing - provide information/links to/explain how to report a bug
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium testing - tips how to download images (i.e. zsync perferred, not ftp via browswer) and how to burn (i.e. to flash drive)
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - bugs - create bug team in launchpad
postponed ubuntustudio-q-performance Medium - Compare -generic with -lowlatency on as many machines as possible to determine some pros and cons (latency, power usage, etc.,)
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - host the documentation at or new website?
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - new user documentation for setting up/tweaking
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - new user documentation for normal desktop usage (play media, copy discs, internet, whatever)
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - new user documentation for using ubuntu studio based on work flows
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - MISSING: docs about sampling, and sampler
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - new user documentation for matrix of hardware with performances provided by users
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - Add intro documentation for new users to either the website, or the commuity wiki. A link for that page will then be added to the desktop on a default Ubuntu Studio install
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - Make help button point to /usr/share/ubuntustudio-docs/about/ubuntustudio-index.html and create that page
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium testing - develop list of studio specific items to check (i.e. does jack start, is performance regressed, does blender start)
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium devel - Add a simple comparison data sheet between -generic and -lowlatency, based on testing results
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium devel - Revamp to include relevant development documentation
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - bugs - subscribe team to various bug reports
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - bugs - email devel mailing list to notify of change in bug mail lists
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - backports - create backports team in launchpad (is this necessary? ask micahg or knome)
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - backports - start backporting for 12.04 LTS - we WILL support 12.04 with backports!
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - backports - explore nominating an liaison to work closely with backports team
Len Ovens done ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium Add/fix text plymouth theme for those video cards that won't see graphics so it says Ubuntu studio
ubuntustudio-q-performance Medium - research available audio improvements from audio/music sites
ubuntustudio-q-performance Medium - make changes for final improvements on stock system
ubuntustudio-q-performance Medium - develop spec for GUI application for changing modes on the fly(next cycle can work on code)
ubuntustudio-q-livedvd Medium - update tray mixer plugin backend for pulse (astraljava might have already done this in precise)Yes he did
ubuntustudio-q-workflows Medium - Add qmidiroute to audio workflow to cover missing functionality
ubuntustudio-q-workflows Medium - Add new work flow for Publishing - bug LP1028938
ubuntustudio-q-workflows Medium - try setting software center up to only show one workflow worth of software at a time
ubuntustudio-q-workflows Medium - set up Software Center menu items for our workflows
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - color - consider replacing argyl with another application -Argyll is needed for GCM
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - color - explore what vanilla ubuntu is using because gui is nice -gnome-color-manager (added)(ttoine again)
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - color - gui would be nice for users- GCM GUI is there-LP1037849 add to menu (ttoine again)
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - seeds - add alacarte to seeds for user menu editing - tested in xfce4 ok
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - seeds - add clip art package (openclipart)
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - menu - move mixer applications from media playback menu to audio menu
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - menu - fix submenu icons for accessories, education and network
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - user -install #ubuntustudio (and other) channel by default for xchat
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - user - add "contribute to ubuntu studio" bookmark?(in info menu)
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - user - add release notes package to be included in menu(pointer to US web page instead)
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - user - add support/help menu to include release notes, links to forums, link to, #ubuntustudio on irc via webchat)
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - user - update help menu documentation (Moved to web page) for studio
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - user - Replace task-manager with Gnome's system-monitor
postponed ubuntustudio-q-performance Medium - test each improvement to verify they work and yield significant performance gains
ubuntustudio-q-performance Medium - determine if viable audio improvements degrade any non-audio performance
Scott Lavender done ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium testing - document qa iso website and location of images
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium testing - when to report a bug in the qa iso tracker
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium testing - reporting test results in qa iso tracker (both for dailies and milestone)
postponed ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium add user submitted "old" them that was ported to gtk3
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium add user wallpaper to wallpaper package
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium check licensing / authors on all shipped art work and make sure they are properly documented
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium aggregate all available artwork, logos, banners, etc in ubuntustudio-resources branch in launchpad
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium adjust "raise on focus" settings (let's you scroll a window without raising it below the active window)
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium update terminal settings per xubuntu
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium change system font? ubuntu or ubuntu-mono? keep droid sans?
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium verify need for logo icons in -default-settings package (LP: 980060)
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium logo should be generated from source at build time for -default-settings (LP: 980059)
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium explore making the bottom panel icons smaller
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium do we want more/other icons in the bottom panel?
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium testing - overview to explain reasons for testing, expected goals, daily vs. milestone testing
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - seeds - verify that unwatned process daemons are not running in background (e.g. ubuntu one, bluetooth)
ubuntustudio-q-future Medium - research possible new user package (jack settings, templates, directory structure)
ubuntustudio-q-future Medium - research means to help experienced users install ubuntu studio from vanilla
ubuntustudio-q-future Medium - research "profiles" or "modes" for work flows (pause pulse and network, change menu, add docks)
ubuntustudio-q-future Medium - research methods to improve work flow user experience (i.e. work flow "launcher"
Howard Chan done ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - testers - Write and add Ubuntu Studio post-installation testcase to ISO QA Tracker
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - testers - a complete testcase rewrite
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - testers - an upgrade testcase writing
postponed ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium user - new user documentation on how to do publishing in Ubuntu Studio
ubuntustudio-dev done ubuntustudio-q-performance Medium - make final decision on which improvements to make on stock system
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium devel - location of our images in qa iso tracker
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - user - See to that nautilus is default for everything (the desktop)xfce4.10 fixes this.
postponed ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium better lightdm greeter theme
ubuntustudio-q-theme-artwork Medium All icons for ubuntuStudio submenus should be New Ubuntu studio icons in case the ones we are using from xfce vanish
ubuntustudio-q-performance Medium - make final decision on which improvements could be made for special situations
ubuntustudio-q-performance Medium - document (including links to source) special situation improvements
ubuntustudio-q-performance Medium - develop spec for GUI application for changing settings
ubuntustudio-q-livedvd Medium - fix installation cd-image name
ubuntustudio-q-livedvd Medium - fix partman icon in ubiquity
ubuntustudio-q-livedvd Medium - fix scroll bars in ubiquity slide show(LP: #1032178)
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium devel - document any automation or scripts current team uses (i.e. to download iso and burn to flash drive)
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium devel - explore, test, and document using ubuntu-qa-tools to automate image testing in vm (it's *bloody* cool!)
ubuntustudio-q-documentation Medium devel - tips for checking logs and processes during install testing
ubuntustudio-q-workflows Medium - implement and test ubiquity plugin for users choosing which work flow to install during installation
ubuntustudio-q-workflows Medium - update work flow documentation and parse them into "installed" and supported" (i.e. the ones that ARE installed and which you could install manually)
ubuntustudio-q-workflows Medium - review and refine existing work flows (audio, video, graphical, and photography)
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - color - explore making a package for adobe icc - Mostly documenting (yep, i guessed it...ttoine)
ubuntustudio-q-misc Medium - user -add bookmarks to firefox (forums,,, youtube studio channel?, mailing lists)

Last updated: Fri 26 October 2012, 08:51 UTC