Work items in blocked status

This page shows the full list of workitems in a particular status. This can be useful to see a list of workitems that are blocked or postponed for instance.

Blueprint Priority Assignee Description
servercloud-q-open-attestation Medium James Page Test charms
foundations-q-btrfs-requirements Low Dmitrijs Ledkovs engage kernel/qa/iso testing on btrfs ongoing testing (blocked on UTAH development)
foundations-q-btrfs-requirements Low Dmitrijs Ledkovs setup a precise->quantal btrfs based upgrade test in the QA lab (blocked on UTAH development)
foundations-r-software-raid High Dmitrijs Ledkovs establish automated RAID testing and RAID failure condition testing
community-q-translations-roundtable Undefined David Planella Announce translations opening for Q
community-q-localized-iso-community-growth Medium Didier Roche Work on a set of unified localized image test cases that is a delta of the main iso's test cases
foundations-q-crash-database High Evan Dandrea Move whoopsie from long-running to using upstart's inotify events
desktop-q-libreoffice-qa-testsuites High Jean-Baptiste Lallement Test build from upstream release tag/ Revert to using an unmodified rules file (RT 55402)
qa-q-labsetup High Larry E Works Set up an external SAN to back up jenkins
foundations-q-iso-tracker Medium St├ęphane Graber figure out how to add hardware profile to Ubuntu Friendly, and finishing hardware integation (waiting to know what tool will be used)
desktop-q-configuration-lockdown High 3v1n0 implement launcher lock-down support, using said dconf mechanism
desktop-p-accessibility-team-testing Medium pendulum Schedule a11y testing classes in Classroom
other-q-xubuntu-website-improvements Medium Xubuntu Website Update to mention offline docs
other-q-spdx-gen Medium rbelem review DEP5 and code for kyle
community-q-loco-portal-content-review Undefined Chris Johnston Help dpm publish new content to the LoCo Portal
other-q-spdx-gen Medium Kate Stewart review DEP5 and code for kyle
servercloud-q-openstack-charms Essential Adam Gandelman Discussion about "growing" a charm-spliced deployment to a multi-machine deployment

Last updated: Fri 26 October 2012, 08:51 UTC