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96% of 171

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
100% of 10
Essential We currently test Ubuntu Server ec2 AMI's at key milestones during the current development cycle; we should expand this todo daily testing of both the current development release and existing supported releases as well to provide assurance that Ubuntu Server cloud images are validated on ec2 and OpenStack.
100% of 3
Low The System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) is a service which provides access to different identity and authentication providers. You can configure SSSD to use a native LDAP domain (that is, an LDAP identity provider with LDAP authentication), or an LDAP identity provider with Kerberos authentication. It provides an NSS and PAM interface to the system, and a pluggable back-end system to connect to multiple different account sources. SSSD is also extensible; you can configure it to use new identity sources and authentication mechanisms should they arise. In addition, SSSD is fully IPv6-compatible. Canonical's support services would like this package moved from Universe to Main in response to needs expressed by Ubuntu Server users.
91% of 11
Medium With the proliferation of new clouds vendors, there is substantial risk of inconsistent user experience on different clouds. Trusting vendors to pull images may not be a reliable assumption. For example, vendors may not see the value in publishing a new release day, refreshed cloud images, and/or a standard user experience assumes that cloud vendors will pull the images. I propose that owing and controlling the publishing of the cloud images provides substantial value to both customers and partners. Leaving vendors or the community to handle populating images on the "greater Cloud" could result in Amazon being the gold standard for the customer experience, with lesser, incomplete or missing experiences on other cloud vendors. If we choose to maintain official ownership over our images on major vendors, we either need to build a publishing systems, provide pull scripts that our partners will run, provide a public glance server or some combination. This meeting it to discuss the strategy and come up with a basic plan of action.
81% of 21
Medium This is the per-cycle discussion on what should be improved in the cloud images or in cloud-init.
100% of 10
Medium Apache Hadoop has gained widespread adoption; the various flavours of Hadoop appear to be consolidating and Cloudera have transferred a number of their Hadoop related projects to Apache including Bigtop (the Cloudera packaging for Redhat, Debian and SuSE). Packaging Hadoop for Ubuntu would help support developing a set of rock solid Juju charms for Hadoop by providing a well integrated version of the packaging for Ubuntu. Collaboration with Apache Bigtop would also potentially help support packaging the wider family of Hadoop related projects.
100% of 11
Medium Discuss cloud new utilities that can be added to cloud-utils or new packages that Ubuntu should bring in.
100% of 16
High Work in conjunction with Hortonworks to deliver Hadoop packaging into the Canonical Partner Archive.
100% of 9
Low Postfix is the standard MTA for Ubuntu. The current packaging doesn't fully support all the upstream capabilities in the current release. We should add multi-instance support and sqlite support and review recent enhancements to postfix to see if we've missed anything else.
100% of 14
Low From some angles it appears MySQL as a project may have fractured. From another angle, it has diversified and gotten really strong in many aspects. We want to make sure users have access to the best of breed for the LAMP stack, which is still a powerful force in the server market and the cloud world, as well as for non-web workloads that demand the speed and flexibility that MySQL and its variants provide.
100% of 47
Low The FreeIPA team ( has been working with the goal to get the packages included in Debian and Ubuntu. Running an instance of FreeIPA provides an easy to maintain kerberos realm for users and machines, 'AD for Linux'. This is something that has been requested by administrators for years, so it's about time to provide it in Ubuntu as well, even if just as a technology preview and not something fully supported (=in universe). an earlier report on getting the IPA client work on oneiric:
91% of 11
High Discuss the current HA cluster stack and its usage in OpenStack and finish with the merges of newest upstream changes. Additionally, discuss the adoption of Pacemaker Cloud [1]. "The Pacemaker Cloud project provides high levels of service availability for high scale cloud deployments. Our approach to high availability is to detect failures, isolate failures, followed by restart of the failed components. When repeated component failures occur the software escalates those failures into failures of higher level components." "" [1]:
100% of 4
Low Package JOnAS for Ubuntu and ensure certification against Java Enterprise Edition test compatibility kit.
100% of 4
High Ensure full trust worthiness of remote cloud instances before logging into and using them

Status by assignee

Assignee todo blocked inprogress postponed done Completion
Andres Rodriguez 0 0 0 2 6 100%
Colin Watson 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Clint Byrum 0 0 0 8 8 100%
dannf 0 0 0 1 0 100%
florent-benoit 0 0 0 0 2 100%
heckj 0 0 0 2 0 100%
Ante Karamatić 1 0 0 1 2 75%
james blair 0 0 0 1 0 100%
James Page 0 0 0 14 17 100%
Jamie Strandboge 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Scott Kitterman 0 0 0 0 1 100%
LaMont Jones 0 0 0 1 2 100%
Mark Mims 0 0 0 0 2 100%
Juan L. Negron 0 0 0 0 3 100%
Robie Basak 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Serge Hallyn 0 0 0 1 3 100%
Scott Moser 3 0 0 5 18 88%
Timo Aaltonen 0 0 0 0 48 100%
Ben Howard 0 0 2 9 4 87%
Steve Langasek 0 0 0 0 1 100%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
Andres Rodriguez done servercloud-p-cloud-ha High Include new gfs2-utils package that comes from upgrading RHCS
servercloud-p-cloud-ha High MIR fence-agents
servercloud-p-cloud-ha High MIR gfs2-utils
servercloud-p-cloud-ha High Make sure everything works for OpenStack (RabbitMQ/MySQL)
servercloud-p-cloud-ha High Merge/sync packages from debian
servercloud-p-cloud-ha High Update RHCS to latest
postponed servercloud-p-cloud-ha High Investigate pacemaker-cloud
servercloud-p-cloud-ha High Look into RabbitMQ HA in Active/Active
Colin Watson done servercloud-p-mysql Low promote mysql-5.5 to main
Clint Byrum done servercloud-p-mysql Low complete MySQL 5.5 packaging for Debian and Ubuntu
servercloud-p-mysql Low fix FTBFS caused by multiarch libraries to complete transition
servercloud-p-mysql Low investigate making it easy for percona/maria to replace mysql server in dependencies on mysql-server (provides: mysql-server should be all thats needed)
servercloud-p-mysql Low mass rebuild all packages that build-depend on libmysqlclient-dev to pickup new client lib
servercloud-p-mysql Low remove mysql-5.1
servercloud-p-mysql Low revamp mysql-5.5 copyright file to address archive admin rejection
servercloud-p-mysql Low submit MySQL 5.5 for upload to Debian
servercloud-p-postfix-enhancements Low apport pattern for invalid hostname
postponed servercloud-p-mysql Low Review existing packaging of MariaDB for Debian and Ubuntu
servercloud-p-mysql Low Review existing packaging of Percona Server for Debian and Ubuntu
servercloud-p-mysql Low Run mysql test suite against percona/mariadb
servercloud-p-mysql Low get MariaDB sponsored into Debian
servercloud-p-mysql Low get Percona Server sponsored into Debian
servercloud-p-mysql Low review/sponsor xtrabackup packaging by Percona from natty cycle
servercloud-p-postfix-enhancements Low No backscatter by default on new install - investigate
servercloud-p-postfix-enhancements Low upstart documentation
dannf postponed servercloud-p-postfix-enhancements Low - unchroot script
florent-benoit done servercloud-p-jonas Low Identify priority list of ow2 components for packaging during Oneiric
servercloud-p-jonas Low Idnetify list of ow2 and other maven plugins required to support JOnAS
heckj postponed servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium Add GPG support for image authenticity
servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium Change Dashboard to support multiple glance registry servers
Ante Karamatić todo servercloud-p-cloud-ha High Draft migration plan from pacemaker (GFS2/OCFS2) to pacemaker/cman (GFS2/OCFS2)
done servercloud-p-cloud-ha High Test GFS2 with cman/corosync/pacemaker
servercloud-p-cloud-ha High Test OCFS2 with cman/corosync/pacemaker
postponed servercloud-p-postfix-enhancements Low - mail stack deployments via puppet, etc.
james blair postponed servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing Essential freecloud should get full arm servers and integrate
James Page done servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing Essential agree funding of daily AMI testing/cost modelling for justification
servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing Essential setup daily testing for current development release
servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing Essential setup smoke testing of previous ubuntu release images
servercloud-p-hadoop Medium Check on release schedule for Apache Hadoop between now and Feature Freeze
servercloud-p-hadoop Medium Investigate upstream co-operation from Hortonworks/Cloudera to ensure ongoing collaboration going forward
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High LP: #800708: Charm needed: HBase
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High LP: #803531: Charm Needed: Hive
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Juju charm for zookeeper (will depend on the zookeeper package)
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Package hadoop for partner (2)
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Package hbase for partner (2)
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Package zookeeper for partner (2)
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Rebuild native component during package rebuild for hadoop (3)
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Resolve conflict between archive zookeeper and partner zookeeper (1)
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Support iterating packaging as charms are developed (5)
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Test deployment and packaging
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Work out solution for JAVA_HOME detection/override (1)
servercloud-p-jonas Low Review current OSGi packaging
postponed servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing Essential consider test of arm disk images or arm partition images in LXC
servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing Essential investigate options for testing ubuntu cloud images on eucalyptus
servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing Essential investigate options for testing ubuntu cloud images on freecloud/canonistack
servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing Essential investigate/implement automated reporting of test results to
servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing Essential update testing framework to make use of spare ec2 time
servercloud-p-hadoop Medium Active backport packaging post 12.04 release
servercloud-p-hadoop Medium Feed back all work to Debian
servercloud-p-hadoop Medium Package Apache ftp-server for Ubuntu
servercloud-p-hadoop Medium Package Hadoop for Ubuntu
servercloud-p-hadoop Medium Package KFS for Ubuntu
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Juju charm for hcatalog (will depend on the hcatalog package)
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Package hcatalog for partner (3)
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Partner Archive upload and review
servercloud-p-jonas Low Work with florent on understanding JOnAS clustering and how this might feed into Juju and Orchestra
Jamie Strandboge done servercloud-p-sssd-mir Low MIR bug 903752
Scott Kitterman done servercloud-p-postfix-enhancements Low clean up deprecated packaging changes
LaMont Jones done servercloud-p-postfix-enhancements Low multinstance support
servercloud-p-postfix-enhancements Low sqlite support
postponed servercloud-p-postfix-enhancements Low not preseedable - investigate if this is fixable and document it either way
Mark Mims done servercloud-p-hadoop Medium Attend HadoopWorld
servercloud-p-hadoop Medium Hadoop community input (what about no thrift? etc)
Juan L. Negron done servercloud-p-hadoop Medium adjust hadoop charms to have a configurable backend hadoop, get one into the charm repository
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Package hive for partner (2)
servercloud-p-hdp-hadoop High Package pig for partner (2)
Robie Basak postponed servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium merge his changes with cloud-stash-sandbox
Serge Hallyn done servercloud-p-trusted-cloud High package libtpms in ppa
servercloud-p-trusted-cloud High package tpm-enabled qemu-kvm in ppa
servercloud-p-trusted-cloud High re-review evm kernel
postponed servercloud-p-trusted-cloud High Talk with EVM upstream about a trusted boot demo
Scott Moser todo servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium automated script based rebundling via user-data and chroot
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium automated script based rebundling via user-data and kvm
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium re-implement EBS publishing to not require ssh or elastic IP
done servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium add serial number to daily HEADER.html output
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium better documentation rebundling via user-data and kvm
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium cloud-init fix /etc/hosts editing (bug 871966, bug 890501)
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium cloud-init support cloud-local mirrors via dns naming convention
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium cloud-init support network config via configdrive
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium cloud-init support userdata, metadata from configdrive (bug 857378)
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium cloud-init upstream add unit test
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium follow up with aligouri on definitive qcow format link for OVF
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium make ec2-publishing-scripts describe-images much less (speed)
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium make ec2-publishing-scripts publish ebs concurrently
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium make ec2-publishing-scripts publish instance-store concurrently
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium trouble shoot publish parallel fallout as it comes in
servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium Update cloud-publish-ubuntu to read /query2 data
servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium Update ubuntu-cloudimg-query to read /query2 data
servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium boto upstream sync
servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium consult upstream on boto upgrade
servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium consult upstream on euca2ools upgrade
servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium euca2ools upstream sync
postponed servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium sync/merge with upstream cdimage scripts and nectarine
servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium Update cloud-publish-image for nova API
servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium Update cloud-publish-tarball for nova API
servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium consider joining cloud-stash-sandbox to cloud-utils
servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium cloud-init should look for archive.local and support apt-proxy
Timo Aaltonen done servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low LP: #259547: [needs-packaging] FreeIPA (freeipa)
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low add gssapi delegation support for curl (merge from Debian)
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low add gssapi delegation support for xmlrpc-c (patch from RHEL)
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package 389-admin
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package 389-admin-console
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package 389-adminutil
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package 389-console
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package 389-ds-base
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package 389-ds-console
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package 389-dsgw
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package certmonger
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package dogtag-pki-theme
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package freeipa-client
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package idm-console-framework
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package jss
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package ldapjdk
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package libapache2-mod-nss
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package libapache2-mod-rev
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package libmozilla-ldap-perl
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package osutil
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package pki
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package python-krbv
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package python-nss
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package svrcore
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low package tomcatjss
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low test /usr/sbin/ipa-client-install
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low test /usr/sbin/setup-ds
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload 389-admin
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload 389-admin-console
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload 389-adminutil
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload 389-console
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload 389-ds-base
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload 389-ds-console
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload 389-dsgw
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload certmonger
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload freeipa-client
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload idm-console-framework
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload jss
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload ldapjdk
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload libapache2-mod-nss
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload libmozilla-ldap-perl (needs new openldap)
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload osutil
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload python-krbv
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload python-nss
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload svrcore
servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low upload tomcatjss
servercloud-p-sssd-mir Low Investigate libev issue raised by doko
servercloud-p-sssd-mir Low Submit MIR request
Ben Howard inprogress servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium Canonical IS ticket for public glance server
servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium Write new Query format in JSON
done servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium Provide clean /query2 data pointing to .img files
servercloud-p-cloudutils Medium implement cloud-images-sync
servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium Alter build scripts to publish to glance server
servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium Write "ubuntu-cloud-images-sync" script
postponed servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing Essential update image promotion process to integrate with Jenkins automated testing
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium Implement public glance server
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium Populate glance server on build finish
servercloud-p-cloudimages-cloudinit Medium hand off glance server to canonical IS
servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium Document how to consume public glance server
servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium Eucalytpus sync script
servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium Modify Ubuntu openstack packaging to include Ubuntu glance server
servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium Stand-up a public glance server
servercloud-p-pushing-cloud Medium Upstream changes to live-build
Steve Langasek done servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview Low Include ldif.h in libldap2-dev by updating openldap to >=2.4.26

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