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Workitem burndown


"foreign" counts refer to workitems that are assigned to someone not in the team

Burndown chart
71% of 68

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
50% of 6
High Several ideas for improving debhelper support for Python: * python-multibuild for python3 w/ dh integration * dh_auto_test Others?
62% of 34
Essential Prepare for the lucid -> precise LTS upgrade * testing * backporting apt from oneiric/precise to lucid for multiarch enabled upgrades * dpkg-maintscript-helper not available in lucid, used in preinst scripts: need some archive analysis to catch these issues and make sure they won't impact upgrades
100% of 15
High Review LTS release schedule, coordinate across teams, plan delivery across milestones.
69% of 13
High  * LTS?  * How to maintain quality * KDE papercuts? * starship troopers - whit?

Status by assignee

Assignee todo blocked inprogress postponed done Completion
agateau 0 0 0 2 0 100%
Harald Sitter 2 0 0 0 0 0%
Barry Warsaw 0 0 0 2 0 100%
Colin Watson 0 0 0 0 3 100%
Matthias Klose 11 0 0 3 2 31%
Fathi Boudra 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Jean-Baptiste Lallement 0 0 0 0 6 100%
Kate Stewart 0 0 0 0 13 100%
kubuntu-members 1 0 0 5 0 83%
Marc Deslauriers 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Michael Vogt 3 0 0 1 6 70%
nobody 1 0 0 0 0 0%
Martin Pitt 1 0 0 0 3 75%
Steve Langasek 1 0 0 0 0 0%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
agateau postponed desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High Help KDE papercuts with bug charting
desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High get Kubuntu involved in the ongoing Unity manual test project
Harald Sitter todo desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High Document on above wiki page which packages are kubuntu specific
desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High Move to help.ubuntu and make sure is up to date and easily found from
Barry Warsaw postponed foundations-p-python-dh-improvements High to look into getting distutils to exit 0
foundations-p-python-dh-improvements High work with Piotr on getting python-multibuild stable and landed
Colin Watson done foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential Fix all packages using dpkg-maintscript-helper without suitable Pre-Depends on dpkg
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential ensure those backports are on the alternate CD for lts cdrom only upgrades
other-p-release-lts-planning High To add Linaro Connect Q1.2012 (2/6-2/10 Feb) to schedule
Matthias Klose todo foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential consider "defrag" /var/lib/dpkg/info: cp -a info && sync && mv info info.old && mv info || mv info.old && rm -rf info.old to speedup the operations (however there is a risk here as there is a brief time when there is no info dir, u-m could cleanup the mess if that happens)
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential ensure that we check for transitional packages from lucid+1 -> precise (both if they are dropped or demoted)
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential get the apt-clone file data from launchpad bug reports and test upgrading those systems (apt-clone isn't available in lucid) (system state could be restored from system_state.tar.gz attached to bug reports)
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential grep maintainer scripts for maverick,natty,oneiric,precise looking for dpkg --compare-versions checks that have been dropped in precise and need to be re-added
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential improve failure handling when maintainer scripts fail by removing the failing package
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential improve failure handling when upgrades can not be calculated by removing packages that cause the calculation failures
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential need to appoint someone on desktop team for upgrade testing
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential provide test profile dapper->hardy->lucid->precise
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential test cdrom -> cdrom upgrades (no network)
foundations-p-python-dh-improvements High dh_python2 in lucid
foundations-p-python-dh-improvements High to rebuild python packages with 2.6 extensions
done foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential check if the new host for the auto-upgrade-testing is capable of doing universe upgrade tests as well (clearly is as Jenkins is reporting them now)
foundations-p-python-dh-improvements High to port lsb again
postponed foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential backport multiarch dpkg for lucid(we don't need this, do we?)
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential for conffile prompt it would be great to have a way to specifiy "md5sum /etc/conffile keep" in some configuration (request from google and global services)
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential profile upgrade time to look for low-hanging fruit (man-db, maybe?)
Fathi Boudra done desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High LP: #911733: Patch Qt to fix annoying KDE bug 275469 (ghost taskbar entries) (qt4-x11)
Jean-Baptiste Lallement done foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential Add test profile for universe (limit universe to applications ie packages with a .desktop file)
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential Add test scripts provided by the desktop team to auto-upgrade-tester
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential auto-upgrade-tester should be able to take a apt-clone image to create a base image
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential auto-upgrade-tester should collect all debconf prompts, not only configuration change prompts
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential provide a option to run the upgrade with "eatmydata" (for the upgrade tester)
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential to take over automatic upgrade testing
Kate Stewart done other-p-release-lts-planning High Add pre-beta (2/17) and pre-final language pack rebuild for Friday before
other-p-release-lts-planning High Add rebuilds to release schedule
other-p-release-lts-planning High Communicate and update docs about RC process
other-p-release-lts-planning High Discuss any potential ramifications for mythbuntu lifecycle with superm1
other-p-release-lts-planning High Improve fonts and color scheme of the (ReleaseInterlock | ReleaseSchedule) page
other-p-release-lts-planning High Look for spot in July (July 26?) to move 12.04.1
other-p-release-lts-planning High Make sure Debian release schedule is integrated into the interlock schedule
other-p-release-lts-planning High Move DIF to January 9th
other-p-release-lts-planning High Move langpack deadlines back by 2 days
other-p-release-lts-planning High Present RC "window" instead of RC "event" on calendar, and update wiki pages
other-p-release-lts-planning High Put Linux Foundation events on interlock calendar
other-p-release-lts-planning High Submit proposals for flavor recognition and LTS flavor recognition criteria to TB tomorrow
other-p-release-lts-planning High Use 3-letter day-of-week abbreviations to indicate non-Thursday events
kubuntu-members todo desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High send mail to Kubuntu bug triagers encouraging them to get KDE bug triage rights
postponed desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High Automate moving bugs upstream (as much as possible)
desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High Help KDE papercuts with bug fixing
desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High Help KDE papercuts with bug triage
desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High Help KDE papercuts with publicity
desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High Run kdelibs test during build, needs workaround for X server with xvfb, improve dh_test
Marc Deslauriers done desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High LP: #933225: DistUpgradeViewKDE broken since last security update (update-manager)
Michael Vogt todo foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential improve apt-clone to store modified conffiles and unknown files in /etc
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential re-evaluate the --dry-run upgrade mode using AUFS
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential test overlayfs for --dry-run (but will not work for lucid->precise, only oneiric->precise)
done foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential backport multiarch libapt-pkg, libapt-inst for lucid
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential backport multiarch python-apt build against backported libapt-pkg for lucid
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential modify the upgrade to ensure its using the backported libapt/python-apt
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential provide amd64 and i386 upgrade tests
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential provide lts->lts upgrade tests in the auto-upgrade tester
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential we can have a python-apt-upgrader binary package that just depends on libapt-pkg4.11 and the upgrader can fetch that and make apt-upgrader source only build the library, then it can be put into -updates and the upgrader can just install that
postponed foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential backport apt-clone to lucid (lp:~mvo/apt-clone/lucid-backport)
nobody todo desktop-p-kubuntu-quality High LP: #898390: krandr-tray doesn't restore monitor arrangement on startup (kde-workspace)
Martin Pitt todo foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential Provide a script that set/check language settings
done foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential Provide a script that check for gdm -> lightdm upgrade (autologin, lightdm enabled upon upgrade)
foundations-p-lts-upgrades Essential Provide a script that set/read popular settings we'd like to preserve on upgrade (keyboard layouts, desktop background, GTK theme, custom panel/desktop launchers)
other-p-release-lts-planning High Make sure GNOME release schedule is integrated into the interlock schedule
Steve Langasek todo foundations-p-python-dh-improvements High to file a bug about build flags against distribute, python2.7, python3.2

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