Progress towards topic-precise-desktop-touch

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Workitem burndown


"foreign" counts refer to workitems that are assigned to someone not in the team

Burndown chart
84% of 25

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
100% of 5
High The XI multitouch work (XInput 2.2) is ongoing upstream. This needs to be backported into the precise server, and existing multitouch applications and toolkits need to be forward ported.
86% of 7
High Rearchitect the uTouch stack on top of the XInput multitouch work. Add new functionality such as multiple simultaneous gestures.
80% of 5
High Ensure X and uTouch do not interfere on trackpads. Fix clickpad support.
75% of 8
Medium Add smooth scrolling support for Chromium, and deliver touch events through Javascript.

Status by assignee

Assignee todo blocked inprogress postponed done Completion
bregma 1 0 0 5 1 86%
Chase Douglas 0 0 1 1 8 90%
jpakkane 0 0 2 3 3 75%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
bregma todo desktop-p-utouch-rearchitecture High Add logging to GEIS service daemon
done desktop-p-utouch-rearchitecture High Create new grail backend
postponed desktop-p-utouch-rearchitecture High Activate daemon with DBus
desktop-p-utouch-rearchitecture High Build system changes for pluggable backends
desktop-p-utouch-rearchitecture High Create GEIS service daemon
desktop-p-utouch-rearchitecture High Load GEIS backends as plugins
desktop-p-utouch-rearchitecture High Refactor GEIS symbols for plugin architecture
Chase Douglas inprogress desktop-p-x-trackpad-support High Add clickpad type detection
done desktop-p-x-trackpad-support High LP: #582809: Synaptics Clickpad touchpad buttons are not working (xserver-xorg-input-synaptics)
desktop-p-x-trackpad-support High Add clickpad click and drag support
desktop-p-x-trackpad-support High Filter touch events when a tap occurs
desktop-p-xi-multitouch High Backport to precise stack
desktop-p-xi-multitouch High Finish upstream implementation
desktop-p-xi-multitouch High Forward port Qt
desktop-p-xi-multitouch High Forward port libavg
desktop-p-xi-multitouch High Package for precise
postponed desktop-p-x-trackpad-support High LP: #582809: Synaptics Clickpad touchpad buttons are not working (linux)
jpakkane inprogress desktop-p-chromium-touch Medium Move utouch-frame instance and event processing to grail-specific implementation of aura::GestureRecognizer
desktop-p-chromium-touch Medium Provide a Chromium backend for utouch-frame
done desktop-p-chromium-touch Medium Evaluate upstream XI multitouch integration
desktop-p-chromium-touch Medium Modify class aura::TouchEvent to provide all required information
desktop-p-chromium-touch Medium Provide an abstraction of touch device addition/removal events
postponed desktop-p-chromium-touch Medium Add DConf support
desktop-p-chromium-touch Medium Add kinetic scrolling support
desktop-p-chromium-touch Medium Enable/disable touchpad scrolling based on DConf settings

Last updated: Wed 06 June 2012, 07:11 UTC