Progress towards topic-precise-application-insulation

This page shows the progress towards completing a Topic . You can see from the burndown if the Topic is likely to be completed at the current rate of work. Below that you can see the progress towards the blueprints that contribute to the Topic , and the progress of each person working on the Topic .

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Workitem burndown


"foreign" counts refer to workitems that are assigned to someone not in the team

Burndown chart
100% of 7

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
100% of 7
Essential This blueprint is to regroup and mark as "essential" work required for app isolation.

Status by assignee

Assignee todo blocked inprogress postponed done Completion
allison 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Jamie Strandboge 0 0 0 0 5 100%
Steve Beattie 0 0 0 0 1 100%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
allison done security-p-app-isolation Essential give packaging requirements for ARB reviewed packages
Jamie Strandboge done security-p-app-isolation Essential finish aa-easyprof (formerly aa-profiles) (2)
security-p-app-isolation Essential submit aa-easyprof upstream (1)
security-p-app-isolation Essential take ARB packaging requirements and create documentation on how to use the tool and add the resulting profile to the packaging (1)
security-p-app-isolation Essential update apparmor packaging in Ubuntu to include aa-easyprof (0.5)
security-p-app-isolation Essential write tests for aa-easyprof (1)
Steve Beattie done security-p-app-isolation Essential investigate utility of cgroups (6)

Last updated: Wed 06 June 2012, 07:06 UTC