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This page shows the progress towards completing all of the Topics for the current cycle. You should read the About page to understand more about this site.

Overall completion
88% of 2540
Essential High Medium Low
95% of 575
88% of 670
82% of 753
97% of 314

Workitem burndown


"foreign" counts refer to workitems that are assigned to someone not in the team

Burndown chart

There are currently 2540 workitems in 217 blueprints. The current number of workitems in each status is:

Status Count
In Progress 58
Blocked 17
Todo 241
Done 1592
Postponed 632

There are 0 days left in the current cycle. That means that 316 workitems need to be postponed to another cycle


These are high-level goals for the cycle, which may be attained by several developers completing multiple blueprints. The progress towards each is defined by the progress towards completing all of the blueprints that contribute to implementing the Topic .


Topic Completion Priority Status/Description
100% of 7
High Plans to support insulating underlying operating system from applications.
83% of 29
High Planing of policies and practices we want to have in place to include application in the software center, what type of review practices should be in place, application lifecycle management, etc.
88% of 33
High Support for the Applications on the server.
100% of 65
High Planning for Application Clients


Topic Completion Priority Status/Description
93% of 86
High This spec contains all other server specs as dependencies and is a catch-all for any work-items that do not fit else where
68% of 28
Medium Topic spec for ARM infrastructure and enablement work


Topic Completion Priority Status/Description
32% of 56
Medium Topic for Community Web Projects during the Precise cycle
86% of 51
High In the 12.04 cycle we want to continuethe growth and focus on application developer community: 1. Define and deliver the Phase II incarnation of, with a particular focus on providing (a) improved reference resources and (b) tutorials for app developers. 2. Work to grow a support community who are able to answer questions from new app devs about how to harness the Ubuntu platform. 3. Grow the general community of app devs and get interested and involved in writing apps for Ubuntu.
89% of 55
High Helping the community get started with localized ISOs, and re-launching
94% of 72
High Continued growth of the Ubuntu Developer Community.
100% of 6
High In 12.04 some general Ubuntu community related goals for this cycle include: * Focusing on driving improvements in the SCALE items. * Continuing to make Ubuntu a more personal community throughout the wider team’s projects and contributing to helping to grow mentoring across the project. * Continuing to built an appreciation culture. * Better recognizing contributions throughout the Ubuntu community. * Growing and supporting our leaders to be as effective as possible.
94% of 66
High We have two primarily goals to accomplish in this cycle: 1. Evaluate the on-ramp, documentation, and resources for creating JuJu charms, ensure those resources are in place and generate community interest and participation in growing this community of charmers. 2. Coordinate a design reboot of and continue to build growth and conversation in the site via regular content and other resources.
56% of 43
Medium Since this is an LTS it would be very good if we could improving the project documentation, as well as revamping how we do announces, and extending some of the excellent work on the help infrastructure. This is to summarize some of the planning around these types of activities


Topic Completion Priority Status/Description
88% of 34
High Improvements for analyzing the defects being found and improving the infrastructure.


Topic Completion Priority Status/Description
84% of 25
High Touch development tasks in Precise
48% of 40
Medium Planning to improve accessibility for Precise


Topic Completion Priority Status/Description
96% of 24
Medium Workitems planned for Edubuntu
95% of 59
Medium Ubuntu Studio Precise Pangolin work item planning
100% of 75
Medium Roadmap for Xubuntu Precise Pangolin
75% of 91
Medium Workitems for Kubuntu in Precise Pangolin release
100% of 57
Medium All the work items for Lubuntu team for P cycle


Topic Completion Priority Status/Description
100% of 251
Essential All kernel features essential for this cycle.


Topic Completion Priority Status/Description
70% of 67
High Improvements to the release processes and infrastructure.
71% of 68
High LTS lifecycle related blueprint. Criteria used for dependency selection: - Release concerns ( schedule, images to produce) - Upgrade concerns ( LTS -> LTS, running applications) - Support concerns ( release quality, making it easier to support long term) - Stable Release Updates/Maintenance improvements (since this will become the new LTS)
95% of 21
High Planning to improve stable release updates (kernel and other packages) in 12.04 (Precise Pangolin).


Topic Completion Priority Status/Description
96% of 49
Essential This topic is meant to group work items that the security team is committed to completing in the development cycle. Since security team development (ie specification work) is done as time allows with other work such as security updates, audits, and investigations preempting development work, this topic allows people to clearly see our progress on the items that matter most.


Topic Completion Priority Status/Description
96% of 171
High All features involved in the installation and deployment of cloud, scale-out computing, and ARM server workloads.
98% of 55
Essential All features and efforts involved in improving the stability, reliability, and robustness of Ubuntu Server.
94% of 66
High All features involved in the support and delivery of Service Orchestration
96% of 333
Essential All features involved in the installation and deployment of Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Cloud.

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