Work items in inprogress status

This page shows the full list of workitems in a particular status. This can be useful to see a list of workitems that are blocked or postponed for instance.

Blueprint Priority Assignee Description
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Michał Zając Package MeeGo software keyboard Maliit
foundations-o-dhpython-transition High Matthias Klose LP: #788524: backport dh_python2 to lucid (and maverick if appropriate) (python-defaults)
desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium madsheytan get new drupal theme for (to match wiki)
server-o-install-experience High Dave Walker put what is needed to have a bootstrapping server and mirror
server-o-install-experience High Dave Walker update automated ISO testing to align to minimal install use-cases
desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium david.wonderly create
desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium david.wonderly get new drupal theme for (to match wiki)
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Philip Muškovac Update KDE release download information with Kubuntu stuff (see kde-packager list)
community-o-ensemble-get-involved-campaigns Undefined Ahmed Kamal Reach out to Debian/Ubuntu package maintainers to write Ensemble formulas for their project
foundations-o-automated-ubiquity-testing Medium Evan Dandrea Increase the number of unit tests in ubiquity to 75% coverage
foundations-o-wubi High Evan Dandrea Work with design team (John, Christian) to update Wubi interface
server-o-hadoop High Dustin Kirkland Discuss with Cloudera the build/runtime dependencies with [oracle|sun]jdk
desktop-o-accessibility-ubiquity Medium maco.m LP: #368400: Ubiquity says 'Install' button in Step 7 as Forward (ubiquity)
community-o-debian-healthcheck Undefined persia : Kick off discussion with ARB stuff so we can make sure people can get their stuff into Debian.
community-o-debian-healthcheck Undefined persia Check on lp:771341 (sync button on launchpad)
community-o-new-ubuntudev-outreach Undefined Daniel Holbach reach out to Ubuntu User magazine and find out if they are interested in "Getting Started with Ubuntu Development" article series
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined jussi01 Ask Ubuntu Shop people to include Kubuntu products
desktop-o-qin-ubuntu-china High kent-jclin LP: #228554: no Asia/BeiJing option in TimeZone (tzdata)
hwe-o-fwts-enhancements Medium Colin King get more community buy-in: ACPI mailing list, conferences
other-kernel-o-misc Medium Andy Whitcroft Power Consumption: Look at pmutils power.d scripts and compare to powertop recommendations
other-kernel-o-ubuntu-delta-review Essential Andy Whitcroft apw upstream upstreamable patches
foundations-o-upstart-for-admins High James Hunt Separate upstart jobs and sysv services for shutdown
foundations-o-upstart-for-admins High James Hunt evaluate and implement ways to programmatically disable a job
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Scott Kitterman ISO review for releases
hwe-o-audio-jack-detection High David Henningsson LP: #771150: [Feature] support the external headphone/microphone jack sensing (alsa-driver)
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium rbelem Add plasma-active specific patches to kdelibs kde-runtime
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium rbelem Package contour
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium rbelem Package declarative-plasmoids
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium rbelem Package share-like-connect
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium rbelem Update plasma-mobile package
community-o-hall-of-fame-plans Undefined Bilal Akhtar everything else (Code code code!)
community-o-unity-developer-participation Undefined Bilal Akhtar Need to communicate to the community the scope of bitese and papercuts and how they relate.
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Harald Sitter Cleanup mobile seed!
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined kubuntu-members Find minions
community-o-sustainable-translations Undefined kelemeng Organize a translations bug day (11. August)
foundations-o-updates-for-network-clients High John Lenton Get buy-in/approval from release team for new update/delivery mechanism
desktop-o-kubuntu-postponeds Low Rohan Garg include in project neon docs how to test with xorg edgers - from Natty
community-o-debian-dex Undefined Iain Lane measure relative uploads between ubuntu and debian and see if anything interesting pops up (UDD data imported, just got to write query/interface)
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential gruemaster Setup LAVA server testing on armel
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High bambi Package touchegg-gui
foundations-o-debdelta High mvo work with Debian on client side apt integration
foundations-o-enable-unattended-upgrades Medium mvo provide dbus/polkit support for enabling unattended-upgrades in minimal chunks mode (check if lp:~kubuntu-packagers/software-properties/dbusworker can be used)

Last updated: Wed 30 May 2012, 09:24 UTC