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98% of 86

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
89% of 9
Medium Jenkins packaging is pretty much at the point where it could be considered for inclusion in the Ubuntu archive.
100% of 4
High As part of server testing, and specially introducing the ARM server release, a set of standard load/stress testing needs to be introduced. Covering the basic areas (memory, cpu, I/O ,..) but also the most common server applications: Distributed Datastores “LAMP” Web Server Caching Backup Server This test capability should also be considered for Certification testing and benchmarking It is also important to understand that this could require significant outlay in capital for new hardware. Depending on what we wish to focus on, we could need to purchase a server or two to serve as full time targets, storage solutions such as Fibrechannel or iSCSI, 10Gb Ethernet devices, fibre cables, network cables, PDUs, KVMs and so forth. Additionally, it is my thought that Hardware Certification should focus on tests that test the hardware subsystems themselves, and Platform cover the more QA related tests, such as testing various common applications like the LAMP stack, Squid, mail services, and so forth. The Definition of Done as listed below in the whiteboard is lengthy for now, but lists very specific items that I believe need to be achieved in order to do worthwhile server testing. In the end, the true goal is to be able to really hammer servers in various situations to ensure that 12.04 becomes the best LTS release for servers ever. The full spec url includes user stories for both the greater server test suite expansion and the load testing subset described here. LP Wont let me use the same url so pasting it here:
100% of 4
Low Tomcat 7 has moved out of beta into release status. Having Tomcat 7 in universe would allow for early adoption and testing for transition from Tomcat 6
100% of 9
Low It is not infrequently suggested that we should be stopping using VMBuilder in favor of the newer, supported image creation tools like live-build. We should create a feature matrix to make sure that all of VMBuilder's functionality (i.e. ec2 image creation) is matched by another tool. If features are missing, then VMBuilder cannot (yet) be dropped. If the community speaks up to say they prefer VMBuilder, then that will be valuable information.
100% of 10
Essential Ensemble is ready for users to start hacking on formulas and the code. The best way to get it into users' hands is to add it, and all of its dependencies, to Ubuntu, and make sure they are tested going forward.
100% of 11
Medium This is the bi-annual "how to make Ubuntu UEC Images better" discussion.
100% of 2
High PaaS is obviously the next step we could take in our cloud computing efforts. What stacks should we go after? - Java PaaS: * * * * ? - Python PaaS: * * ? - Multitenant PaaS: *
100% of 4
Low Review the Ubuntu server seed to make sure that we are offering the best of the open source world.
67% of 3
High As a Hadoop admin I download CDH3 packages from Cloudera and can easily run them on Ubuntu.
100% of 11
High Review of the Ubuntu Server boot experience, looking at what we do now and what we should change to provide a better experience to meet the needs of our userbase, i.e. option for detailed messaging, upstart improvements, etc.
100% of 8
Medium I would like to pursue getting a remote desktop solution into main. There are a number of options, the most lively of which seems to be x2go.
100% of 6
Medium improve and spread out the knowledge and work for publishing uec images.
100% of 5
Medium As Ubuntu Server begins to grow it's user base and popularity, I think we need to give serious thought to having a better process around doing our documentation. Currently, all we have for Ubuntu Server is a pure community ran effort: Which is absolutely great, however as we begin to be compared more to RHEL and SLES: I think it's fair to say we need to step up our do we do that?

Status by assignee

Assignee todo blocked inprogress postponed done Completion
Canonical Hardware Certification 0 0 0 3 1 100%
Colin Watson 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Clint Byrum 0 0 0 4 8 100%
Dave Walker 0 0 0 2 1 100%
James Page 0 1 0 2 11 93%
James Hunt 0 0 0 1 0 100%
jwcampbell 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Dustin Kirkland 0 0 1 0 0 0%
Marc Deslauriers 0 0 0 0 1 100%
mvo 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Juan L. Negron 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Gustavo Niemeyer 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Nick Barcet 0 0 0 1 0 100%
nobody 0 0 0 20 2 100%
Robbie Williamson 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Serge Hallyn 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Scott Moser 0 0 0 0 6 100%
ubuntu-server 0 0 0 11 2 100%
Ben Howard 0 0 0 0 1 100%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
Canonical Hardware Certification done server-o-load-testing High Jeff to list the testing team info so interested parties can sign up and participate in making this happen
postponed server-o-load-testing High Create a list of the tests to be run (a small number of useful tests to start, we can expand afterwards).
server-o-load-testing High Documentation of test cases and configs and other useful information (wiki?,
server-o-load-testing High Package a consistently runnable test suite
Colin Watson done server-o-boot-experience High turn off quiet for server
Clint Byrum done server-o-boot-experience High LP: #580319: init.d controlled services launch before all interfaces are up, thus failing to start (upstart)
server-o-boot-experience High define/document a simple job/alias/event for "networking up", for generic network services (event: static-network-up)
server-o-boot-experience High file bugs on services that don't respect single user mode appropriately: bug tag 'runlevel1' used for 21 bugs filed
server-o-ensemble Essential LP: #824403: fails when trying to use openstack or any other S3 service on a non default port as a provider (txaws)
server-o-ensemble Essential Prepare ensemble package for upload to Ubuntu
server-o-ensemble Essential Prepare txzookeeper packaging for upload to Ubuntu
server-o-ensemble Essential Upload latest version of ensemble before release
server-o-ensemble Essential package snapshot or release txaws with fixes needed by ensemble
postponed server-o-boot-experience High add init-checkconf rule to lintian for upstart jobs (may be infeasible as emits lines aren't always available to validate start/stop on conditions)
server-o-boot-experience High automated testing for single to multiuser
server-o-ensemble Essential Get txzookeeper sponsored into Debian (no sponsors willing to upload)
server-o-ensemble Essential Setup automated ensemble test against Openstack
Dave Walker done server-o-drop-vmbuilder Low Investigate CCA requirement for vmbuilder
postponed server-o-drop-vmbuilder Low add deprecated warning on vm-builder
server-o-drop-vmbuilder Low update web/wiki documentation to indicate deprecation of vmbuilder
James Page blocked server-o-jenkins Medium feedback libraries to Debian through debian-java team
done server-o-ensemble Essential Submit debdiff of latest zookeeper to Debian
server-o-ensemble Essential Upload latest zookeeper to Ubuntu
server-o-hadoop High Review packaging to date and work with iamfuzz
server-o-jenkins Medium Prepare library packaging for upload to Ubuntu
server-o-jenkins Medium Resolve outstanding build-from-source issues in dependency chain
server-o-jenkins Medium look at JVM compatibility with xstream on ARM (for example)
server-o-jenkins Medium re-sync libraries from Debian as a when required
server-o-jenkins Medium upgrade to latest stable branch (1.409.1) from Jenkins + upgrade dependencies
server-o-tomcat7-packaging Low Investigate OSGi wrapping in Jars
server-o-tomcat7-packaging Low ensemble formula for deploying tomcat7
server-o-tomcat7-packaging Low work with debian upstream on packaging
postponed server-o-jenkins Medium Update documentation for disabling plugin management through web ui
server-o-tomcat7-packaging Low address upstart/init co-existence in debian package
James Hunt postponed server-o-boot-experience High allow upstart visualization tool to filter out jobs/events that aren't in existence
jwcampbell postponed server-o-documentation Medium look at build toolchain transition needs to produce something similar to
Dustin Kirkland inprogress server-o-hadoop High Discuss with Cloudera the build/runtime dependencies with [oracle|sun]jdk
Marc Deslauriers done server-o-drop-vmbuilder Low vm-tools to live-build or something else
mvo postponed server-o-drop-vmbuilder Low move do-release-upgrade build/testing to live-build
Juan L. Negron done server-o-hadoop High ensemble formula for deploying hadoop
Gustavo Niemeyer done server-o-ensemble Essential Ensemble Daily PPA
Nick Barcet postponed server-o-drop-vmbuilder Low talk to canonical legal regarding droping CCA
nobody done server-o-cloud-images-release Medium assign someone else to help smoser with uec-images publishing
server-o-jenkins Medium upload of jenkins plus dependencies to Ubuntu Universe
postponed server-o-cloud-images-release Medium get RefreshPolicy up to date wrt kernel ReleaseCadence
server-o-cloud-images-release Medium refresh Lucid Images more regularly
server-o-cloud-images-release Medium refresh Maverick images more regularly
server-o-cloud-images-release Medium refresh Natty images more regularly
server-o-cloud-images-release Medium refresh hardy images more regularly
server-o-documentation Medium Jim or Adam to look at an Ubuntu Open Week-type session regarding additional contributions to server docs
server-o-documentation Medium Look at what we currently have, what needs to change, and plan how we do it
server-o-documentation Medium Server team to identify server resources that could be used to test out server documentation configurations for the purpose of documenting them.
server-o-drop-vmbuilder Low discuss with cody what is appropriate release to target for 11.10
server-o-drop-vmbuilder Low mailng list or blog request for upstream vmbuilder maintainer
server-o-paas-stacks High Package Google's appscale
server-o-paas-stacks High Package VMWare's cloudfoundry
server-o-remote-desktop Medium consider getting x2go using libjpeg-turbo by default
server-o-remote-desktop Medium create a generic java downloader and executer
server-o-remote-desktop Medium document how to install vnc server on the cloud-images
server-o-remote-desktop Medium document howto get x2go on server easily
server-o-remote-desktop Medium if there is a vnc server in main, include in desktop images by default
server-o-remote-desktop Medium investigate standalone client for linux
server-o-remote-desktop Medium investigate standalone client for mac
server-o-remote-desktop Medium investigate standalone client for windows
Robbie Williamson postponed server-o-documentation Medium look at getting funding for dedicated document resource
Serge Hallyn done server-o-jenkins Medium ensemble formula for deploying Jenkins
Scott Moser done server-o-cloud-images Medium add chef support to cloud-init
server-o-cloud-images Medium cloud-init fix lxc and resizefs (bug 800856)
server-o-cloud-images Medium document 'instance-data' hostname and setup in eucalyptus (bug 761847)
server-o-cloud-images Medium make sure cloud-init works on openstack and lxc (bug 800824)
server-o-cloud-images Medium rename to
server-o-cloud-images Medium support system or static Eucalyptus modes in cloud-init (bug 761847)
ubuntu-server done server-o-seed-review Low Add additional packages to a seed if suitable
server-o-seed-review Low Check that the current seed is still relevant
postponed server-o-boot-experience High define/document a simple job/alias/event for "system has booted", for /etc/rc.local type behavior (note that 'stopped rc' is usable but not well documented)
server-o-boot-experience High improve start on for cron and other services (start when all user info available) (cron should probably start on stopped rc)
server-o-boot-experience High need to measure boot speed difference between sourcing /etc/default files, and not
server-o-boot-experience High update Upstart Cookbook with "abstract jobs" and full exposition of how to define optimal "start on" and "stop on" for a new job
server-o-cloud-images Medium configure networking through cloud config
server-o-cloud-images Medium investigate ovf 2.0
server-o-cloud-images Medium make cloud-init work on debian
server-o-cloud-images Medium make sure static networking and cloud-init works or fix
server-o-cloud-images Medium re-investigate use of ovf images on vmware
server-o-seed-review Low Reconcile ~ubuntu-server subscribed packages to seed(s)
server-o-seed-review Low Replace ntpdate with ntpd
Ben Howard done server-o-drop-vmbuilder Low move oneiric cloud images build to live-build

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