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Workitem burndown


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Burndown chart
55% of 88

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
22% of 18
High Some basic lxc container improvements: ∘ quick container cloning with snapshotting for lvm, btrfs, and aufs/unionfs (based on ppa:serge-hallyn/lxc-natty work) ∘ sandbox template using current user namespace . limited use, but useful for locking child task such that it can only talk to us over pipes. ∘ per container syslog . Lack of this has prevented me from using containers for some bug investigations. ∘ proc virtualization ∘ container reboot and shutdown ∘ custom per-container firewall rules ∘ lsm integration ∘ templates for other distros (fedora, opensles, gentoo)
14% of 7
High Deploying a large number of Ubuntu servers using Orchestra, system administrators will need to keep track of their syslog information from the machines they have deployed.
62% of 26
Essential Cobbler was packaged and included into natty. What are the next things we have to do in order to improve cobbler support for Ubuntu.
88% of 8
Essential Ensemble is ready for users to start hacking on formulas and the code. The best way to get it into users' hands is to add it, and all of its dependencies, to Ubuntu, and make sure they are tested going forward.
33% of 3
Essential  If Ensemble is how you deploy workloads into the cloud, Orchestra is how you deploy "the cloud". Integrating Eucalyptus directly into the Server/debian-installer was a non-trivial exercise. Faced with supporting OpenStack as alternative cloud infrastructure, we'll find ourselves, once again, re-engineering some of the ISO installer. Is this the best approach to the problem of deploying Cloud Infrastructure? Members of the Ubuntu Platform Server Team, in conjunction with the Canonical Solutions Integration Team suggest that we should take a more modern and extensible approach, leveraging the best of open source's bare metal provisioning, management, orchestration, and monitoring technologies -- and we call that "Ubuntu Orchestra". Step 1: 'apt-get install ubuntu-orchestra-server', which will install and totally configure a suite of free software tools (cobbler, squid-deb-proxy, puppetmaster, mcollective + plugins) on a single machine.  Step 2: rapidly provision many servers **and/or desktops** over the network, in parallel, adding the ubuntu-orchestra-client package, which results in powerful, managed Ubuntu servers and/or desktops, ready to be purposed/customized/configured/managed/monitored by Puppet. Eventually, Ensemble could/should grow arms to manage physical Orchestra systems much like cloud instances. This blueprint involves doing the necessary work in ubuntu-orchestra-server for Step 1 above.
100% of 5
Medium Even when user namespaces are fully implemented, there remains the concern that containers share an OS with the host, and may be able to exploit syscall vulnerabilities (in particular) to gain access to and privilege in the host. Historically, relatively new syscalls in particular, have ended up with vulnerabilities which a container would be able to exploit. It would be nice if we could deny a container from using certain system calls, perhaps by a method analogous to seccomp. described plans for such, and a suggestion to combine seccomp with ftrace instead. describes what google ended up using for chrome on linux instead. describes the approach used on freebsd.;a=summary is a port to linux. These are very useful for sandboxes in general, but not ideal for this lxc concern. This blueprint, then, is for following, helping and testing, or initiating the seccomp+ftrace approach.
60% of 10
High Monitoring is an important component of the Ubuntu Orchestra project. We need to select a monitoring platform and improve the integration into Ubuntu Server.
73% of 11
Essential * Add OpenStack support to Ensemble * Add Orchestra support to Ensemble so that it can orchestrate services across physical machines

Status by assignee

Assignee todo blocked inprogress postponed done Completion
Andres Rodriguez 1 0 0 0 12 92%
bootstrap31 4 0 0 0 0 0%
Clint Byrum 1 1 0 1 7 80%
Dave Walker 0 1 1 0 1 33%
Adam Gandelman 0 0 4 0 2 33%
James Page 2 0 1 0 3 50%
John Johansen 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Gustavo Niemeyer 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Serge Hallyn 0 0 0 4 4 100%
Scott Moser 0 0 1 0 1 50%
ubuntu-server 19 0 2 4 1 19%
Chuck Short 2 0 0 0 6 75%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
Andres Rodriguez todo server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Validate desktop deployment through cobbler
done server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Bug #760019 Fix kops-post option
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Bug #766229 Add grub2 support (grubby no longer in Ubuntu)
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Ensure koan works with virtinst and all ISO's
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Validate mirror deployment throught debmirror
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Validate server mini iso deployment (add autodetection of mini iso)
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Verify if Bug #782776 (cobbler buildiso) fixed in new upstream release
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Merge WebDav storage into Williams refactored branch
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Merge bootstrap into William's refactored branch
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Merge deploying machines into Williams refactored branch
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Prototype bootstrap using a separate node as bootstrap node, (*not* using Orchestra Server as bootstrap node), on top of Clint's prototype
server-o-monitoring High MIR for libconfuse-dev (Build-Dep for ganglia) (bug 801648)
server-o-monitoring High MIR for libganglia1-dev for collectd (bug801615)
bootstrap31 todo server-o-lxc-improvements High exploit container shutdown/reboot kernel support in lxc
server-o-lxc-improvements High push core proc virtualization support upstream
server-o-lxc-improvements High push kernel patches supporting shutdown/reboot
server-o-lxc-improvements High push lxc-attach when kernel patches are upstream
Clint Byrum blocked server-o-monitoring High Drop libhal-dev in collectd (collectd FTBFS in oneiric)
todo server-o-ensemble Essential Upload latest version of ensemble before release
done server-o-ensemble Essential Prepare ensemble package for upload to Ubuntu
server-o-ensemble Essential Prepare txzookeeper packaging for upload to Ubuntu
server-o-ensemble Essential package snapshot or release txaws with fixes needed by ensemble
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Report findings of prototyping via mailing list / bogs (
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential prototype deploying openstack with just pre-determined cloud-config stanzas fed into Cobbler
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential prototype ensemble driving physically deployed machines with a cloud-config stanza installing the agent and the Orchestra Server as bootstrap node
server-o-monitoring High MIR for libyajl-dev for collectd (was completed by doko as part of component mismatches)
postponed server-o-ensemble Essential Get txzookeeper sponsored into Debian (no sponsors willing to upload)
Dave Walker inprogress server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Investigate replacing gpxe with ipxe
blocked server-o-monitoring High MIR for collectd for collectd (bug 801721)
done server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Bug #705436 Fix lintian warnings
Adam Gandelman inprogress server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Develop deployment method for more advanced openstack components using chosen tool
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Develop deployment method for simple openstack components using chosen tool
server-o-syslog-information High Write puppet module for central rsyslog server
server-o-syslog-information High Write puppet module for rsyslog "client"
done server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential prototype puppet modules for deploying OpenStack
server-o-monitoring High MIR for liboping-dev for collectd (bug 801774)
James Page inprogress server-o-syslog-information High Package octopussy for Ubuntu
todo server-o-syslog-information High Upload octopussy for Debian
server-o-syslog-information High Upload octopussy for Ubuntu
done server-o-ensemble Essential Submit debdiff of latest zookeeper to Debian
server-o-ensemble Essential Upload latest zookeeper to Ubuntu
server-o-syslog-information High File an ITP for octopussy in Debian
John Johansen postponed server-o-lxc-sandboxing Medium Get seccomp2 into ubuntu kernel or ppa for testing
Gustavo Niemeyer done server-o-ensemble Essential Ensemble Daily PPA
Serge Hallyn done server-o-lxc-improvements High libcgroup integration
server-o-lxc-improvements High quick container cloning with snapshotting using LVM
server-o-lxc-improvements High ubuntu template cleanup
server-o-monitoring High MIR for protobuf-c for collectd (bug 801735)
postponed server-o-lxc-sandboxing Medium Implement prototype of lxc seccomp2 integration
server-o-lxc-sandboxing Medium Propose design for lxc integration to lxc-dev
server-o-lxc-sandboxing Medium Work with jjohansen/kees/upstream to design generic sandbox program
server-o-lxc-sandboxing Medium Write testcases for lxc seccomp2 integration
Scott Moser inprogress server-o-monitoring High MIR for libtokyotyrant-dev for collectd (bug 811338)
done server-o-monitoring High MIR for libtokyocabinet-dev for collectd (bug 699734)
ubuntu-server inprogress server-o-ubuntu-orchestra-server Essential ubuntu-orchestra-server MIR
server-o-ubuntu-orchestra-server Essential wiki page
todo server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Add cloud-init support to cobbler
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Add first stage hardware inventory image
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Add generic distro support
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Add hardware inventory to cobbler API
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Add support for other arches
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Extend cobbler API to do snapshot reporting as well
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Investigate and report what is missing on web ui
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Review cobbler defaults to make sure that they are sane
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Collect data gathered from prototyping and record in spec/blueprint
server-o-lxc-improvements High custom per-container firewall rules
server-o-lxc-improvements High event notification
server-o-lxc-improvements High improve lxc-ps, lxc-netstat
server-o-lxc-improvements High lsm integration
server-o-lxc-improvements High per container syslog
server-o-lxc-improvements High re-invigorate application checkpoint/restart
server-o-lxc-improvements High templates for other distros (fedora, opensles, gentoo)
server-o-lxc-improvements High udev and device namespaces
server-o-monitoring High Package collectd-web plugin
server-o-syslog-information High Investigate sane defaults for central rsyslog server
done server-o-lxc-improvements High validate LXC support on ARM
postponed server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Add EC2 API hook to cobbler
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Add Ubuntu CSS stylesheet for web ui
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Add support for uboot
server-o-ubuntu-orchestra-server Essential manpage
Chuck Short todo server-o-lxc-improvements High Badger someone into writing libvirt-lxc bridge
server-o-lxc-improvements High List of missing bits pieces of libvirt for lxc (libvirt 0.9.1-1 merge is pending)
done server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Add ARM as a valid arch
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Add GPXE support to cobbler
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Bug #784420 Fix dns integration
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Check release schedule for 2.1.x with upstream
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Determine which patches that we are carrying right now should be upstreamable
server-o-cobbler-next-steps Essential Write MIR for ipxe