Progress towards topic-oneiric-flavor-kubuntu

This page shows the progress towards completing a Topic . You can see from the burndown if the Topic is likely to be completed at the current rate of work. Below that you can see the progress towards the blueprints that contribute to the Topic , and the progress of each person working on the Topic .

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Workitem burndown


"foreign" counts refer to workitems that are assigned to someone not in the team

Burndown chart
72% of 188

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
52% of 29
Medium   * Plasma Active   * Contour   * [[ | Maliit]]   * KWin OpenGLES   * Stable N900 support   * Tablet target device selection   * Grow team
94% of 31
High Kubuntu Oneiric Packaging new upstream package layout due to git changes? KDE SC 4.7 Qt ? KDE PIM 4.6 UFW KControl Module? ( kcm-grub2 by default? ( Touchégg Backup (kbackup on the DvD) Telepathy-KDE
100% of 9
High QAccessible (framework)& KAccessible (screenreader)now exist. KAccessible needs to be added to the default install & live cd, and we need to integrate with it.
100% of 4
Essential Three Kubuntu Council members are expiring this cycle. We need an election.
33% of 24
Undefined * Tackle a cycle without JR * Get new people into the community (esp non-devs) * Kubuntu Marketing & Promotion * How to place Kubuntu more publicly as a part of Ubuntu the project
100% of 6
Medium Can we use LightDM in Kubuntu?
57% of 7
Medium The Kubuntu Wiki theme needs to be updated to either match the current Kubuntu Website theme or to a theme using the current Kubuntu logo, artwork and colour palette.
47% of 19
Medium * Wifi setup during install * Bluetooth device pairing * Desktop CD upgrade *
100% of 18
Medium * Rekonq vs. Firefox vs. Chromium (also see desktop-o-default-browser) * KPackageKit/Apper vs. Muon/MuonSoftwareCenter * KMix vs. Veromix
89% of 18
Medium Current list of Documents can be found below If you wish to help contribute please see
100% of 3
High Further discussion is required to plan out KWin/OpenGL ES in Oneiric.
44% of 9
Low Catch up on postponed items from previous series.
100% of 6
Medium * Improve fileshare property UI * KCM FIlesharing * WebDav * Netatalk
80% of 5
Medium What needs to be done by our excellent crew of pyth0neers.

Status by assignee

Assignee todo blocked inprogress postponed done Completion
afiestas 0 0 0 1 2 100%
Harald Sitter 3 0 1 6 15 84%
bambi 0 0 1 1 1 67%
charlie-tca 0 0 0 1 0 100%
david.wonderly 0 0 2 4 7 85%
Felix Geyer 0 0 0 0 6 100%
Jonathan Thomas 0 0 0 5 9 100%
jjesse 0 0 0 0 1 100%
jussi01 1 0 1 2 1 60%
Scott Kitterman 0 0 1 0 3 75%
kubuntu-council 0 0 0 0 4 100%
kubuntu-dev 0 0 0 0 6 100%
kubuntu-members 22 0 1 34 7 64%
kubuntu-ninjas 0 0 0 0 2 100%
maco.m 9 0 0 2 3 36%
madsheytan 1 0 1 0 0 0%
Michał Zając 1 0 1 2 5 78%
rbelem 0 0 5 0 0 0%
Rohan Garg 1 0 1 2 3 71%
ryanakca 0 0 0 0 2 100%
Luke Yelavich 0 0 0 0 2 100%
Philip Muškovac 0 0 1 1 2 75%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
afiestas done desktop-o-kubuntu-lightdm Medium Engage upstream in discussion about existing problems with KDM
desktop-o-kubuntu-lightdm Medium Talk to developers of other distributions to probe interest
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-lightdm Medium make ksmserver work with LightDM
Harald Sitter inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Cleanup mobile seed!
todo desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Make ninja dep graph readable again
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #495798: [kubuntu] ubiquity should use time zone chosen to store locale (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Promote programming ideas upstream (SoK/GSoC etc)
done desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Build l10n pkgs for KDE releases
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Ensure all uses of old logo get replaced with new logo
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Watch KDE release team
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Find out what colin's plan for new KMix magic is
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Investigate mobile muon UI/QML port
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Work out whether Muon package manager should be on the CD too (meeting)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #743062: ubiquity-kde welcome page layout is suboptimal in German (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium bug triage
desktop-o-kubuntu-lightdm Medium Engage upstream in discussion about existing problems with KDM
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Blog!
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Create Kubuntu Tablet default settings
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Talk to upstream about their plans for mobile/tablet and whatnot
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Ensure wallpaper install patch works after package migration to 4.7 layout
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Turn on raster in KDS for heavy QA - Qt 4.8 has raster by default
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High fix sudo kcm modules (use systemsetting's externalapp feature instead)
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-coding Medium Morph firefox installer into browser installer (consult with seele about impl)
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium LP: #659819: Use colibri for notifications? (kubuntu-meta)
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Create Plasma Unity template
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Fix qt opengl rendering on n900 (plenty of meego patches)
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Get udev rules etc. into archive (n900 device adaptation magic)
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Make baseband support happen (using ophonon-qt) - ASAP!!!!
bambi inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Package touchegg-gui
done desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Package Touchegg
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Put Touchegg on the CD if we have space
charlie-tca postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium accessibility testing
david.wonderly inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium create
desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium get new drupal theme for (to match wiki)
done desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Copyright date should be updated, no longer 2009!
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Fix old logo issues in kubuntu-docs ~ It's a desktop file change.
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Kubuntu icon need fixed for new logo!
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Office and Productivity s/open/libre/
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium The Basics, find a better name, command line isn't "basic"
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium fix the slides on ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Fill out what you want changed)
desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium tidy up Kubuntu wiki header: remove knowledge base link and mention of #kubutnu-netbook
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Creating and Editing Graphics should include Krita!
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Make sure about/welcome is the first page
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Merge Welcome to Kubuntu and About Kubuntu
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Samba docs need to be updated with GUI
Felix Geyer done desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Get Muon Software Center on the CD
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Kick KPK off the CD
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Package Akonadi mobile (sqlite)
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Ensure NM 0.9 works with KDE
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Move non-default themes from kdm into another package to save cd space
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Package QtWebkit 2.2
Jonathan Thomas done desktop-o-kubuntu-accessibility High Get KAccessible seeded
desktop-o-kubuntu-accessibility High Get KAccessible into Main
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Agree with rekonq devs on version of qtwebkit to ship/develop with, preferably 2.2
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Change new filesharing magic from PK to QApt
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Impl Muon UI improvements as brought up by agateau and apachelogger
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Investigate mobile muon UI/QML port
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Fix old window icon in the slideshow window
desktop-o-kubuntu-filesharing Medium Change new filesharing magic from PK to QApt (for defaults spec)
desktop-o-kubuntu-kwin-opengles High Talk with upstream about reducing KDE dependencies of KWin
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-coding Medium Ensure jockey -a gets run for the live session from ubiquity as well as target install
desktop-o-kubuntu-coding Medium Implement KDE UI for Ubuntu-sso (based on Qt)
desktop-o-kubuntu-coding Medium Morph firefox installer into browser installer (consult with seele about impl)
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Evaluate kcm-grub2 for inclusion on the CD
desktop-o-kubuntu-kwin-opengles High Investigate splitting kwin stuff out from kdebase-workspace-bin (requires comm. with Debian)
jjesse done desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Finish Muon docs (
jussi01 inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Ask Ubuntu Shop people to include Kubuntu products
todo desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Get *buntu logos onto footer
done desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Consult with kde-promo
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Create Plasma Unity template
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Get blink into Debian
Scott Kitterman inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined ISO review for releases
done desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Attend weekly release team meeting
desktop-o-kubuntu-council-oneiric Essential call for nominations [may 12 to may 19]
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Remove extra language packs from kubuntu-full so it doesn't take forever to install
kubuntu-council done desktop-o-kubuntu-council-oneiric Essential announce results and stuff [may 30]
desktop-o-kubuntu-council-oneiric Essential call for nominations [may 12 to may 19]
desktop-o-kubuntu-council-oneiric Essential confirmation time buffer [may 20 to may 21]
desktop-o-kubuntu-council-oneiric Essential start poll [may 22 to may 29]
kubuntu-dev done desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium LP: #302272: Downgrade "cups" to Recommends: (edubuntu-meta)
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium LP: #302272: Downgrade "cups" to Recommends: (kubuntu-meta)
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium LP: #302272: Downgrade "cups" to Recommends: (ubuntu-meta)
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium LP: #302272: Downgrade "cups" to Recommends: (xubuntu-meta)
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High LP: #749820: upstream version 0.7.2 available (libindi)
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High LP: #754942: The qmltooling/tcpserver plugin is missing (qt4-x11)
kubuntu-members inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Find minions
todo desktop-o-kubuntu-coding Medium set $LANG in ~/.kde/env based on KDE language (John Layt upstream)
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Give david.wonderly access to upstream docs
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Put desktop link on the CD again
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Add support for shutdown and sleep (no logout!) for/to nodm
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Attract new contributors
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Blog!
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Discuss renaming to Kubuntu Active or similar with upstream and in the team
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Package calligra mobile
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Split kdebase workspace
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Talk with ncommander about spice seeds
desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium Ensure that it is clear that the wiki is for the team whereas help is for users
desktop-o-kubuntu-postponeds Low Investigate status of bugzilla<->launchpad plugin for KDE - from Lucid
desktop-o-kubuntu-postponeds Low Review Lionmail for packaging (upstream says not ready?) - from Natty
desktop-o-kubuntu-postponeds Low generate desktop .pots from packages - from Lucid
desktop-o-kubuntu-postponeds Low launchpad priority translation templates - from Karmic
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Advocate against brand confusion
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Compile list of strings for l10n not covered by upstream before release
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Find translators for documentation
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Get Canonical design blog pointing to KubuntuArtwork wiki page
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Get Derivatives page to use "Flavours" or other appropriate word
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Publicize non-development ways of contributing
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Use Locos to bring more people into Kubuntu members and development
done desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined More blog publishing
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined More blogging!
desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined More microblogging!
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Establish ongoing communication with upstream qtwebkit & rekonq
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Adapt to changes in KDE tarball distribution
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Merge packages
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Send delta to Debian and upstream
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-accessibility High Add a11y support to the custom widgets in Ubiquity-KDE
desktop-o-kubuntu-accessibility High Investigate Touchegg for accessibility uses
desktop-o-kubuntu-accessibility High Work with KDE upstream to add a11y support to custom widgets
desktop-o-kubuntu-coding Medium Fix dolphin file property preview tab
desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Discuss rekonq shortcut alignment (with chromium/firefox) with upstream
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium "The userconfig Handbook" needs content (, link to it from kubuntu docs
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Publicize Kubuntu's awesome new role in upstream docs
desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium upstream - rename "Control Centre" to "System Settings" help topic (also give it the nice systemsettings icon)
desktop-o-kubuntu-filesharing Medium Add Netatalk support
desktop-o-kubuntu-filesharing Medium Add WebDav support (see gnome-user-share)
desktop-o-kubuntu-filesharing Medium Make fileshare types plugins to the KCM
desktop-o-kubuntu-filesharing Medium Redo filehsaring KCM
desktop-o-kubuntu-filesharing Medium Redo property UI
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium implement slideshow design
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium mid-flight (july/augustish) bug triage
desktop-o-kubuntu-lightdm Medium Build KDE UI using libplasma
desktop-o-kubuntu-lightdm Medium Ensure Accessibility (kaccessible, on screen kbd)
desktop-o-kubuntu-lightdm Medium If at all possible cooperate with Canonical's Qt UI effort
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Detect on login whether to use tablet or mobile (baseband!)
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Document kubuntu-mobile installation on N900
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Fiddle with oem-config-kde to use software keyboard
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Get sort of daily images (weekly or something)
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium If things do not work with ophono -> complain to GSoC student while he has time to fix it as part of GSoC
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Investigate gestures for applications ( + followups)
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Package kdepim mobile
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Integrate automatic ARM building with KDE's jenkins
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Package KWin raster patch? (upstream by mgraesslin)
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Package Qt 4.8 (release next month or two)
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Put kde-config-grub2 on the CD (if space permits)
desktop-o-kubuntu-postponeds Low ensure failsafe X works with KDM (apachelogger has some code for that) - from Karmic
desktop-o-kubuntu-postponeds Low finish add new printer wizard - from Maverick
desktop-o-kubuntu-postponeds Low get KDE firefox patches upstream - from Lucid
desktop-o-kubuntu-postponeds Low new printer notification - from Maverick
desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium Create templates for more useful announcements
kubuntu-ninjas done desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Ensure we have latest Calligra, KDevelop, Amarok etc
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Package KDE SC 4.7
maco.m todo desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #367071: [kde] dialog title text doesn't fully show in installer (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #563675: KDE frontend tabs for installation steps are appearing in reverse for RTL languages (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #634215: ubiquity-kde install allows invalid hostnames (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #656695: Release notes browser lost when you Try Kubuntu (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #692381: Request: add PPAs while installing (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #743066: KDE ubiquity language combo to small (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #777381: oem config prepare crashes on kde (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #781379: Ubiquity-KDE should set up KAccessible for the first user if KAccessible is used during install (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #784037: Ubiquity KDE's keyboard chooser doesn't change layout image for changed kbd variant (ubiquity)
done desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #414819: Installing system window not centered (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #414825: Black screen with 'X' cursor during install (ubiquity)
desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium LP: #563045: oem-config kde crashed (ubiquity)
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-accessibility High Add KAccessible enablement to Casper
desktop-o-kubuntu-accessibility High Make Ubiquity set up first user with QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1 and KAccessible in autostart if used in install
madsheytan inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium get new drupal theme for (to match wiki)
todo desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Make CD covers with Kubuntu artwork
Michał Zając inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Package MeeGo software keyboard Maliit
todo desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Kindly thrash Fridge people for refusing and ignoring Project Neon in person
done desktop-o-kubuntu-defaults Medium Evaluate backup options
desktop-o-kubuntu-kwin-opengles High Make a kwin-opengl-es package
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Evaluate Maliit
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Discuss findings WRT backup software and choose solution - BackInTime wins
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Package Gluon in preparation for reverse-dependencies
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-documentation-review Medium Help review docs for technical errors.
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Get blink into Debian
rbelem inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Add plasma-active specific patches to kdelibs kde-runtime
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Package contour
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Package declarative-plasmoids
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Package share-like-connect
desktop-o-kubuntu-mobile Medium Update plasma-mobile package
Rohan Garg inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-postponeds Low include in project neon docs how to test with xorg edgers - from Natty
todo desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Give Neon a public purpose
done desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Add kamoso to DVD
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High File MIR for kamoso
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Package newer libindi for kstars, see bug 749820
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-installer Medium WiFi Setup in the Ubiquity Installer
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Get blink into Debian
ryanakca done desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium Have sysadmins install wiki theme
desktop-o-kubuntu-wiki Medium implement wiki theme
Luke Yelavich done desktop-o-kubuntu-accessibility High Get/maintain Qt accessibility patches from fregl
desktop-o-kubuntu-accessibility High Talk to Debian about Qt-AT-SPI2 (KDE team or Accessibility team?)
Philip Muškovac inprogress desktop-o-kubuntu-community Undefined Update KDE release download information with Kubuntu stuff (see kde-packager list)
done desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Add meta packages for now split modules (kdegraphics, kdeedu) to meta-kde
desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Package the latest version of KDEPIM
postponed desktop-o-kubuntu-packaging High Write script to make the backport process faster

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