Progress towards topic-oneiric-community-web-projects

This page shows the progress towards completing a Topic . You can see from the burndown if the Topic is likely to be completed at the current rate of work. Below that you can see the progress towards the blueprints that contribute to the Topic , and the progress of each person working on the Topic .

Launchpad page

Workitem burndown


"foreign" counts refer to workitems that are assigned to someone not in the team

Burndown chart
95% of 56

Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
95% of 22
Undefined Discussion on plan for LoCo Team Directory during the UDS-O cycle.
60% of 5
Undefined What needs to be done with the Django rewrite of What all has to be implemented? Which data sources have to be added?
100% of 29
Undefined Discussion and planning for Summit during the O cycle

Status by assignee

Assignee todo blocked inprogress postponed done Completion
Bilal Akhtar 0 0 1 0 0 0%
Chris Johnston 0 0 0 4 6 100%
czajkowski 0 0 0 0 1 100%
daker 1 0 0 2 0 67%
effie-jayx 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Hall of Fame Developers 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Jorge O. Castro 0 0 0 0 3 100%
LoCo Team Portal Developers 1 0 0 0 2 67%
Michael Hall 0 0 0 2 5 100%
Nigel Babu 0 0 0 3 2 100%
ronnie.vd.c 0 0 0 1 1 100%
Summit Hackers 0 0 0 7 13 100%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
Bilal Akhtar inprogress community-o-hall-of-fame-plans Undefined everything else (Code code code!)
Chris Johnston done community-o-loco-directory Undefined File RT to attempt to get south and django updated on the server
community-o-loco-directory Undefined File RT to get a weekly db dump to a location that devs can download to avoid having to run import-live-data
community-o-loco-directory Undefined Live updates (rss from loco teams rss feeds) on the loco directory frontpage or some page
community-o-loco-directory Undefined Sanitize display name to follow a display name standard
community-o-summit Undefined Create official LP Bug tags for uds-p and linaro
community-o-summit Undefined Etherpad timeslider link
postponed community-o-hall-of-fame-plans Undefined Create deployment process and document instructions
community-o-hall-of-fame-plans Undefined Deploy HoF
community-o-loco-directory Undefined Discuss with design team about improving front page of LTP
community-o-loco-directory Undefined Make the map dismissable (or maybe just smaller?)( on another page?)
czajkowski done community-o-loco-directory Undefined Static help information on getting a LoCo Team started
daker todo community-o-hall-of-fame-plans Undefined Help with CSS
postponed community-o-loco-directory Undefined Read-write API for LD
community-o-loco-directory Undefined photos on the loco directory frontpage or some page
effie-jayx postponed community-o-loco-directory Undefined Announce the loco directory updates on twitter/facebook
Hall of Fame Developers postponed community-o-hall-of-fame-plans Undefined Test new code
Jorge O. Castro done community-o-summit Undefined Make sure access to the admin is restricted as much as is practical
community-o-summit Undefined Restrict scheduling permissions to admins only after the summit start date
community-o-summit Undefined Talk to track leads about experience with summit website
LoCo Team Portal Developers todo community-o-loco-directory Undefined LP: #763114: Provide required attribution for photos
done community-o-loco-directory Undefined LP: #673831: LD fails to support virtual events
community-o-loco-directory Undefined LP: #711754: meeting start/end time uses UTC, not local time
Michael Hall done community-o-loco-directory Undefined Install instructions for loco-directory to install in a virtualenv
community-o-loco-directory Undefined Live updates (rss from loco teams rss feeds) on the loco directory frontpage or some page
community-o-loco-directory Undefined Set user profile according to Django standards
community-o-loco-directory Undefined upgrade django-openid-auth (fix test cases)
community-o-summit Undefined Create new series and production branches
postponed community-o-loco-directory Undefined Investigate and choose reStructuredText, Creole, or Django templates for dynamic pages
community-o-loco-directory Undefined Use formatted text in agenda descriptions
Nigel Babu done community-o-summit Undefined Pull blueprint data using the LP API, not screen scraping
community-o-summit Undefined Talk to Jorge and Jono about removing brainstorm
postponed community-o-loco-directory Undefined Change the twitter stream to be live updates
community-o-loco-directory Undefined Mootbot to interface with LD
community-o-summit Undefined Talk to IS to list about linking to recordings of sessions
ronnie.vd.c done community-o-loco-directory Undefined CSS/Theme changes for rss feeds from LoCo Teams/Users
postponed community-o-loco-directory Undefined List of teams grouped by language instead of continent
Summit Hackers done community-o-summit Undefined LP: #664879: "previous day" and "next day" links on schedule would be nice
community-o-summit Undefined LP: #765031: Support for private rooms and private meetings in those rooms
community-o-summit Undefined LP: #779833: Automatically clear cache when the data it contains changes
community-o-summit Undefined LP: #781693: Rooms: Add boolean for if a room has dial-in
community-o-summit Undefined LP: #783029: Add link to meeting page in iCal
community-o-summit Undefined LP: #783030: Change to room.title on the next sessions page
community-o-summit Undefined LP: #793018: Pull the summary from the launchpad blueprint and push it out via the iCal to Guidebook
community-o-summit Undefined LP: #793019: Make the colors for the track a database field instead of in the css
community-o-summit Undefined LP: #793020: Match and main-nav
community-o-summit Undefined LP: #793021: Add a today link to the topnav
community-o-summit Undefined LP: #814805: List track lead information
community-o-summit Undefined Fix scheduling conflict resolution and notification
community-o-summit Undefined JSON export of data to be used for local testing
postponed community-o-summit Undefined Add more content/direct links on the front page
community-o-summit Undefined Allow people to define their own Busy times, check them for scheduling conflicts
community-o-summit Undefined Clean up
community-o-summit Undefined Create a mutable item to where meetings in the past are muted
community-o-summit Undefined Making user roles for different users providing different levels of access
community-o-summit Undefined figure out a way to import data locally for testing
community-o-summit Undefined on blueprints set the session summary page as the wiki page

Last updated: Wed 30 May 2012, 09:13 UTC