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Contributing Blueprints

Blueprint Completion Priority Status/Description
25% of 4
High As part of server testing, and specially introducing the ARM server release, a set of standard load/stress testing needs to be introduced. Covering the basic areas (memory, cpu, I/O ,..) but also the most common server applications: Distributed Datastores “LAMP” Web Server Caching Backup Server This test capability should also be considered for Certification testing and benchmarking It is also important to understand that this could require significant outlay in capital for new hardware. Depending on what we wish to focus on, we could need to purchase a server or two to serve as full time targets, storage solutions such as Fibrechannel or iSCSI, 10Gb Ethernet devices, fibre cables, network cables, PDUs, KVMs and so forth. Additionally, it is my thought that Hardware Certification should focus on tests that test the hardware subsystems themselves, and Platform cover the more QA related tests, such as testing various common applications like the LAMP stack, Squid, mail services, and so forth. The Definition of Done as listed below in the whiteboard is lengthy for now, but lists very specific items that I believe need to be achieved in order to do worthwhile server testing. In the end, the true goal is to be able to really hammer servers in various situations to ensure that 12.04 becomes the best LTS release for servers ever. The full spec url includes user stories for both the greater server test suite expansion and the load testing subset described here. LP Wont let me use the same url so pasting it here:
17% of 12
Essential This spec tracks the specifics of the ARM server images includes verification and validation of critical components of the image.
87% of 23
High Ubuntu live CD builds have always been based on an in-house tool called livecd-rootfs. Since we started Ubuntu, Debian has also been working on live CDs, and has a tool called live-build which is capable of building Ubuntu images as well. There is little sense in maintaining two separate tools, so since live-build is more flexible we should switch to it.
18% of 11
High As part of ARM server testing, we need to focus on the system admin tools first to make sure we can diagnose issues as we work on other packages.
71% of 7
Essential Tool to automate image delivery to omap3/omap4 test platforms for validation and buildd environments.
67% of 3
Essential This specification covers the validation and verification of security support on armel
88% of 8
Essential Ensemble is ready for users to start hacking on formulas and the code. The best way to get it into users' hands is to add it, and all of its dependencies, to Ubuntu, and make sure they are tested going forward.
73% of 11
Essential * Add OpenStack support to Ensemble * Add Orchestra support to Ensemble so that it can orchestrate services across physical machines
46% of 24
Essential This spec covers specific QA areas for the ARM server image. Spec URL is (shared by ServerImageValidationAndQA spec)
89% of 9
High Provide netinstall images for some ARM targets.
100% of 5
Medium Even when user namespaces are fully implemented, there remains the concern that containers share an OS with the host, and may be able to exploit syscall vulnerabilities (in particular) to gain access to and privilege in the host. Historically, relatively new syscalls in particular, have ended up with vulnerabilities which a container would be able to exploit. It would be nice if we could deny a container from using certain system calls, perhaps by a method analogous to seccomp. described plans for such, and a suggestion to combine seccomp with ftrace instead. describes what google ended up using for chrome on linux instead. describes the approach used on freebsd.;a=summary is a port to linux. These are very useful for sandboxes in general, but not ideal for this lxc concern. This blueprint, then, is for following, helping and testing, or initiating the seccomp+ftrace approach.
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Essential Canonical will release and support an Ubuntu ARM Server Edition for 11.10 as a step towards a 12.04 LTS( 5 years support). The Ubuntu ARM Server Edition quality assurance is expected to include generic load and stress testing appropriate for a server platform. The aim is to achieve a high quality level under functional and load conditions for the identified use cases. This will be achieved by performing an equivalent level of testing to x86 server offerings, and then working with upstream projects to resolve as many issues as possible within the Ubuntu ARM Server project's time and resource constraints. A suitable Hardware reference will need to be identified to base the 11.10 Ubuntu ARM release/builds.
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High Some basic lxc container improvements: ∘ quick container cloning with snapshotting for lvm, btrfs, and aufs/unionfs (based on ppa:serge-hallyn/lxc-natty work) ∘ sandbox template using current user namespace . limited use, but useful for locking child task such that it can only talk to us over pipes. ∘ per container syslog . Lack of this has prevented me from using containers for some bug investigations. ∘ proc virtualization ∘ container reboot and shutdown ∘ custom per-container firewall rules ∘ lsm integration ∘ templates for other distros (fedora, opensles, gentoo)
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Essential  If Ensemble is how you deploy workloads into the cloud, Orchestra is how you deploy "the cloud". Integrating Eucalyptus directly into the Server/debian-installer was a non-trivial exercise. Faced with supporting OpenStack as alternative cloud infrastructure, we'll find ourselves, once again, re-engineering some of the ISO installer. Is this the best approach to the problem of deploying Cloud Infrastructure? Members of the Ubuntu Platform Server Team, in conjunction with the Canonical Solutions Integration Team suggest that we should take a more modern and extensible approach, leveraging the best of open source's bare metal provisioning, management, orchestration, and monitoring technologies -- and we call that "Ubuntu Orchestra". Step 1: 'apt-get install ubuntu-orchestra-server', which will install and totally configure a suite of free software tools (cobbler, squid-deb-proxy, puppetmaster, mcollective + plugins) on a single machine.  Step 2: rapidly provision many servers **and/or desktops** over the network, in parallel, adding the ubuntu-orchestra-client package, which results in powerful, managed Ubuntu servers and/or desktops, ready to be purposed/customized/configured/managed/monitored by Puppet. Eventually, Ensemble could/should grow arms to manage physical Orchestra systems much like cloud instances. This blueprint involves doing the necessary work in ubuntu-orchestra-server for Step 1 above.
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Medium Provide uninstalled packages on preinstalled images, similar in function to the /pool/ directory on live images.
78% of 9
Essential Implementation of ARM OMAP server images

Status by assignee

Assignee todo blocked inprogress postponed done Completion
Adam Conrad 2 0 0 0 12 86%
Andres Rodriguez 0 0 0 0 4 100%
bladernr 0 0 0 0 1 100%
bootstrap31 4 0 0 0 0 0%
Canonical Hardware Certification 3 0 0 0 0 0%
Colin Watson 3 0 0 0 20 87%
Clint Byrum 1 0 0 1 6 88%
craig.magina 9 0 0 0 2 18%
Adam Gandelman 0 0 2 0 1 33%
Tobin Davis 20 2 2 0 15 38%
James Page 0 0 0 0 2 100%
Jani Monoses 0 0 0 0 2 100%
John Johansen 0 0 0 1 0 100%
Michael Casadevall 3 0 1 0 17 81%
Gustavo Niemeyer 0 0 0 0 1 100%
Oliver Grawert 3 0 0 0 2 40%
persia 1 0 0 0 0 0%
Serge Hallyn 0 0 0 4 3 100%
ubuntu-server 9 0 2 1 1 15%
Chuck Short 2 0 0 0 0 0%

Work item details

Assignee Status Blueprint Priority Work item
Adam Conrad todo other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Make pool-on-disk APT archive removable from dpkg (2 days) (Undecided if this is necessary)
other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Use a more formal apt-ftparchive invocation with a config file and extra overrides to preserve Task info, so tasksel still works
done other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Add apt-get download call to live-build to pre-populate /var/lib/preinstalled-pool/ (1 day)
other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Add germinate call to our live-build configs to generate a package list from the ship seed (3 days)
other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Alter germinate to skip consideration of installer udebs
other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Get IS to give livefs-buildds access to seeds, so germinate will work (1 day)
other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Implement dirty hack to make preinstall-package-pools work in livecd-rootfs, no superseded (1 day)
other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Implement ubuntu-server preinstall images in live-build/livecd-rootfs configs
other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Implement ubuntu-server preinstall images on cdimage (1 day)
other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Research live-build implementation in oneiric to allow re-doing the above hacks (1 week)
other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Sort out how to sign the pool so that apt doesn't uselessly skip over it and go remote
other-o-arm-preinstall-pool Medium Test preinstall-package-pools livecd-rootfs hacks (1 day)
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Confirm SMART works on SATA devices on the QuickStart
server-o-arm-server Essential Create preinstalled ubuntu-server images by creatuing ubuntu-headless + server ship seed
Andres Rodriguez done server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Merge WebDav storage into Williams refactored branch
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Merge bootstrap into William's refactored branch
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Merge deploying machines into Williams refactored branch
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Prototype bootstrap using a separate node as bootstrap node, (*not* using Orchestra Server as bootstrap node), on top of Clint's prototype
bladernr done server-o-load-testing High Jeff to list the testing team info so interested parties can sign up and participate in making this happen
bootstrap31 todo server-o-lxc-improvements High exploit container shutdown/reboot kernel support in lxc
server-o-lxc-improvements High push core proc virtualization support upstream
server-o-lxc-improvements High push kernel patches supporting shutdown/reboot
server-o-lxc-improvements High push lxc-attach when kernel patches are upstream
Canonical Hardware Certification todo server-o-load-testing High Create a list of the tests to be run (a small number of useful tests to start, we can expand afterwards).
server-o-load-testing High Documentation of test cases and configs and other useful information (wiki?,
server-o-load-testing High Package a consistently runnable test suite
Colin Watson todo foundations-o-live-build High Add a way to enable proposed updates
foundations-o-live-build High Decide what to do about gnu-fdisk recommendation vs. Ubuntu main
foundations-o-live-build High Remove duplicated linux-headers packages when building point releases
done foundations-o-live-build High Add docdirs/fdupes instrumentation somewhere
foundations-o-live-build High Add hook to remove icon-theme.cache for Kubuntu
foundations-o-live-build High Add live-build option to remove kernel and initramfs from compressed filesystem
foundations-o-live-build High Add live-build option to use an alternative initramfs compressor
foundations-o-live-build High Add live-build support for Ubuntu oneiric
foundations-o-live-build High Add live-build support for jasper
foundations-o-live-build High Add support for Edubuntu LTSP chroots
foundations-o-live-build High Analyse differences between livecd-rootfs and live-build images
foundations-o-live-build High Arrange for update-apt-xapian-index to be run under live-build
foundations-o-live-build High Change BuildLiveCD to call live-build where appropriate
foundations-o-live-build High Check whether langpack extended_states hack is still needed (it doesn't seem to be)
foundations-o-live-build High Create swap file in ext2/ext3 images
foundations-o-live-build High Figure out how to handle Ubuntu's multiple-manifest scheme in live-build
foundations-o-live-build High Fix duplicate deconfiguration in lb_binary
foundations-o-live-build High Fix live-build ext2/ext3 image generation
foundations-o-live-build High Make any necessary cdimage changes to trigger new behaviour
foundations-o-live-build High Resolve problems with live-build's minimal hook
foundations-o-live-build High Teach live-build to install tasks using apt
foundations-o-live-build High Teach live-build to update mlocate database
foundations-o-live-build High Use dpkg --force-unsafe-io
Clint Byrum todo server-o-ensemble Essential Upload latest version of ensemble before release
done server-o-ensemble Essential Prepare ensemble package for upload to Ubuntu
server-o-ensemble Essential Prepare txzookeeper packaging for upload to Ubuntu
server-o-ensemble Essential package snapshot or release txaws with fixes needed by ensemble
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Report findings of prototyping via mailing list / bogs (
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential prototype deploying openstack with just pre-determined cloud-config stanzas fed into Cobbler
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential prototype ensemble driving physically deployed machines with a cloud-config stanza installing the agent and the Orchestra Server as bootstrap node
postponed server-o-ensemble Essential Get txzookeeper sponsored into Debian (no sponsors willing to upload)
craig.magina todo server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify iptables functionality
server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify kdump and crash support (UP and SMP)
server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify ldap-utils functionality
server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify logwatch functionality
server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify nagios functionality
server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify perl functionality
server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify snmpd functionality
server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify tcpdump functionality
server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify ufw functionality
done server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify strace functionality
server-o-arm-sysadmin-tools High verify sysstat functionality
Adam Gandelman inprogress server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Develop deployment method for more advanced openstack components using chosen tool
server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Develop deployment method for simple openstack components using chosen tool
done server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential prototype puppet modules for deploying OpenStack
Tobin Davis inprogress other-o-arm-netinstall High make test plan and add both netinstall cases to the iso tracker (1 day)
other-o-arm-usbboot Essential Design for general automation deployment usage
blocked server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Validate IPsec on armel
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Validate all IPv6 tools
todo arm-o-security-validation Essential Run QA regression tests on armel
other-o-arm-usbboot Essential Rewrite for proper licensing and inclusion in pool
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Graph power load data
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Integrate power load monitor acquisition hardware
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Run relevant QA regression tests on all armel server images (lp:qa-regression-testing)
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test ATA-Over-Ethernet
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test CEPH cluster filesystem
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test GVFS cluster filesystem
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test SELinux with community assistance
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test armel server support
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Discuss with server team requirements for iSCSI boot
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Run through all server application testcases on armel
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Setup LAVA server testing on armel
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Test RAID
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Test ensemble installation on armel
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Test iSCSI boot
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Validate OpenStack/lxc working on armel
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Validate entropy quality on armel
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Validate landscape-client works properly on armel
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Validate preseeding support for armel server-preinstalled images
done other-o-arm-usbboot Essential Deploy for buildd environment
other-o-arm-usbboot Essential Deploy for server image validation environment
other-o-arm-usbboot Essential Determine changes needed to run continuously
other-o-arm-usbboot Essential Download omap4boot and test on panda
other-o-arm-usbboot Essential Test with multiple systems for stability
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Confirm other HDD monitor tools work properly on armel across non-ATA interfaces
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test LVM
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test NFS boot
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test ecryptfs
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test ruby-on-rails
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Validate 802.1q VLAN functions properly on armel
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Validate HW watchdog functionality on armel
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Validate kerberos support
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Test PXE patch on uboot
server-o-arm-image-validation Essential Validate preseeding support for armel netboot images
James Page done server-o-ensemble Essential Submit debdiff of latest zookeeper to Debian
server-o-ensemble Essential Upload latest zookeeper to Ubuntu
Jani Monoses done server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test erlang on armel. (RabbitMQ and CouchDB work)
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Validate rabbitmq is in good shape. Ran tutorial scripts with both server and client being Erlang
John Johansen postponed server-o-lxc-sandboxing Medium Get seccomp2 into ubuntu kernel or ppa for testing
Michael Casadevall inprogress server-o-arm-omap-image Essential Implement boot from non-rootfs media for OMAP3/4 to allow testing of full server images
todo server-o-arm-server Essential Coordinate with kernel team server-specific tuning options for kernel
server-o-arm-server Essential Followup with ARM Server Project on Java situation
server-o-arm-server Essential Review server stack components for places where ARM-specific assembly would be useful for acceleration
done arm-o-security-validation Essential Discuss with the security team coverage of armel security
arm-o-security-validation Essential Insure armel is a required platform for security patches
other-o-arm-netinstall High LP: #794043: mkdosfs incorrectly calculates sector total (dosfstools)
other-o-arm-netinstall High Add proper build scripts to generate "mini isos" (3 days)
other-o-arm-netinstall High Add proper build scripts to generate tftp'able uImage and uInitrd files (1 day)
other-o-arm-netinstall High Fix up flash-kernel-installer for the relevant subarches (3 days)
other-o-arm-netinstall High Implement d-i netboot images for omap/3/4 that are writable to SD cards
other-o-arm-netinstall High Make sure all relevant subarch kernels are enabled in debian-installer (1 day)
server-o-arm-omap-image Essential LP: #794043: mkdosfs incorrectly calculates sector total (dosfstools)
server-o-arm-omap-image Essential Confirm CHS partitioning support in d-i will be suffient for OMAP3/4
server-o-arm-omap-image Essential Fix alternate installer to work on OMAP3/4
server-o-arm-omap-image Essential Fix flash-kernel when rootfs is USB
server-o-arm-omap-image Essential Implemented parted-omap to handle partitioning requirements for OMAP3/4
server-o-arm-omap-image Essential Modify mkdosfs to ensure sector count is properly generated (required for OMAP BootROM)
server-o-arm-omap-image Essential Upstream dosfsutils patch
server-o-arm-server Essential Create wikipage/script of components in the server image
server-o-arm-server Essential Review status of 64-bit atomics in gcc-4.6
Gustavo Niemeyer done server-o-ensemble Essential Ensemble Daily PPA
Oliver Grawert todo server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test NDB Boot
server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test armel LTSP client support
server-o-arm-omap-image Essential Implement preseed file solution for serial/tty default display for ubuntu-headless/ubuntu-server image
done other-o-arm-netinstall High Confirm Ethernet support in uboot
other-o-arm-netinstall High Confirm PXE patch for u-boot lands
persia todo server-o-arm-image-qa Essential Test LUKS
Serge Hallyn done server-o-lxc-improvements High libcgroup integration
server-o-lxc-improvements High quick container cloning with snapshotting using LVM
server-o-lxc-improvements High ubuntu template cleanup
postponed server-o-lxc-sandboxing Medium Implement prototype of lxc seccomp2 integration
server-o-lxc-sandboxing Medium Propose design for lxc integration to lxc-dev
server-o-lxc-sandboxing Medium Work with jjohansen/kees/upstream to design generic sandbox program
server-o-lxc-sandboxing Medium Write testcases for lxc seccomp2 integration
ubuntu-server inprogress server-o-ubuntu-orchestra-server Essential ubuntu-orchestra-server MIR
server-o-ubuntu-orchestra-server Essential wiki page
todo server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support Essential Collect data gathered from prototyping and record in spec/blueprint
server-o-lxc-improvements High custom per-container firewall rules
server-o-lxc-improvements High event notification
server-o-lxc-improvements High improve lxc-ps, lxc-netstat
server-o-lxc-improvements High lsm integration
server-o-lxc-improvements High per container syslog
server-o-lxc-improvements High re-invigorate application checkpoint/restart
server-o-lxc-improvements High templates for other distros (fedora, opensles, gentoo)
server-o-lxc-improvements High udev and device namespaces
done server-o-lxc-improvements High validate LXC support on ARM
postponed server-o-ubuntu-orchestra-server Essential manpage
Chuck Short todo server-o-lxc-improvements High Badger someone into writing libvirt-lxc bridge
server-o-lxc-improvements High List of missing bits pieces of libvirt for lxc (libvirt 0.9.1-1 merge is pending)